Bianca Crewe and Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa (UBC): Rape Culture and Epistemology. The thankless task of being Michael Moore: He’s been right about everything before, and he really thinks you are living in a bubble. Tucker Carlson is sorry for being mean — sorta, kinda, but all’s fair in politics and punditry these days, right? Judith Shulevitz on Kate Millett: Sexual Politics and family values. The study of languages has long been prone to nonsense — why is linguistics such a magnet for dilettantes and crackpots? Fifty years ago, the Freedom of Information Act gave the public access to government secrets —all you had to do was ask; how a simple request became a bureaucratic nightmare. Onora O’Neill wins $1 Million Berggruen Prize for philosophy. “the word you’re looking for is ‘Republicans’, you morons”

Why part of Spain is trying to secede — and why the Spanish government cracked down on it. What happened in Catalonia? Why the independence referendum turned violent. Catalonia’s independence drive is a critical stress test for Spain’s democracy. Carlos Delclos on Spanish democracy vs. Catalonia’s independence vote. More populism than separatism: Emotions are running high in Catalonia. Catalonia, Spain map out their next moves after chaotic vote for independence (and more and more). The would-be secessionists in the Spanish region of Catalonia are about to get a reality check: No way, says the EU (and more). David Frum on what Canada can teach Spain about secessionists. Political risk makes a comeback in Europe.

It may seem silly to American sports fans, but the question over what would happen to Barca should Catalonia secede was a relatively important one in a lot of people’s minds.

In response to deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, lawmakers offer “thoughts and prayers”: They’ve proven ineffective in preventing mass shootings from occurring. Alexandra Petri on when white men turn into lone wolves. White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners. White men have committed more mass shootings than any other group. Trump’s reaction to the Las Vegas shooting is very different than his response to other attacks (and more). All the massacres matter — but they’re only readily politicized along our existing paranoia about Muslim terrorists and white fears of black criminality.

Internet shreds Fox News host after he whines “could we just have a day” before we talk about guns. White House’s message to the nation after Las Vegas massacre: Don’t discuss gun control. Trump, Congress offer to help future mass shooters kill you (and more). Americans are buying fewer guns, and the NRA is getting desperate to change that. This is how quickly the NRA thinks you will forget about the Las Vegas shooting.

One day in the life of battered Puerto Rico. Plunged into darkness: Sarah Jaffe interviews Javier Morillo. “I've never seen such resilient people”: Doctors and nurses on the ground in Puerto Rico. At the U. of Puerto Rico, widespread damage and anxiety after Maria. The media really has neglected Puerto Rico. Public pressure is forcing the White House to respond to the crisis in Puerto Rico. U.S. response in Puerto Rico pales next to actions after Haiti quake. Treat Puerto Rico hurricane like rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan. Katrina experience in San Juan: Jose A. Delgado interviews John Davies, president of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and advisor to the recovery fund created by the Center for a New Economy.

The nowhere-to-run diaries: A week after Maria, hope is fading fast in Puerto Rico. San Juan Mayor begs “save us from dying”: Here’s how to help. #PubforPR online auction opens: Support Puerto Rico and win literary items.

Study: Trump fans are much angrier about housing assistance when they see an image of a black man. White people are really confident that things are getting better for black people. Jacob T. Levy on why black liberty matters (and a response). Dancing around the word “racist” in coverage of Trump. We should have seen Trump coming: Obama’s rise felt like a new chapter in American history — but the original sin of white supremacy was not so easily erased. Donald Trump, white supremacy, and the discourse of panic. Bonnie Honig on the “members only” president: Trump’s paternalistic language of care draws an exceptional circle around whites only.

Lawmakers of color expected a culture war from Donald Trump — just not in sports. Trump made Kaepernick’s protest about him — here’s how to take it back. The fight over Jemele Hill’s tweets won’t go away — it’s about truth and race in the Trump era. “One for literally every occasion”.

Greg Frost-Arnold (HWS): The Rise of “Analytic Philosophy”: When and How Did People Begin Calling Themselves “Analytic Philosophers”? Ariella Binik (Oxford): Does Benefit Justify Research with Children? The Burmese military is committing crimes against humanity. An investment model for the Arctic: Increased investment and development in the Arctic is inevitable and it’s already happening — that is a positive if it is done the right way. Ex-Medicare head Andy Slavitt says Trump “purposely” raising insurance premiums (and more). Socialized medicine has won the health care debate. People who complain about millennials are really just complaining about being old.

Susan Brownmiller: “Hugh Hefner was my enemy”. Hugh Hefner wasn’t just a creep — he was also a shitty boss. Anti-puritan but blind to his male privilege, the Playboy mogul liberated men by demeaning women. Good riddance to an abusive creep: Hugh Hefner was a tyrant who expounded a cruel and exploitative philosophy. Hugh Hefner’s world wasn’t just bad for women — it hurt men, too.

Who is the biggest kleptocrat in the Trump administration? A fierce race to the bottom is taking place between cabinet members who have been bilking taxpayers in ways both large and small. Here’s all the expensive nonsense Trump’s EPA chief is wasting your taxes on. Good riddance, Tom Price — but what about the other grifters? “One is a bad apple. Two is a coincidence. Three is a pattern. Four is the Trump administration”. Thread: “The great thing about the Trump administration is how it clarifies and exposes the GOP and it’s pretense of being the working man’s party”. Trump’s election, by bizarre ironies and paradoxes and nonsenses, is an affirmation of early 21st century plutocracy. “There’s always a tweet: Special Edition”.

Lost weekend: How Trump’s time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria. Jeremy Konyndyk, a former disaster relief official, on Trump’s response to Puerto Rico. The one thing only Trump can do to help Puerto Rico. Trump’s upbeat Puerto Rico rhetoric clashes with reality on the ground. Trump takes to Twitter as Puerto Rico’s crisis mounts. “Here is a comparison of Trump’s statements on helping Americans cope with rebuilding after natural disasters: Florida/Texas vs. Puerto Rico”. From his long weekend at his New Jersey golf course, Trump attacks hurricane-ravaged Puerto Ricans as lazy and ungrateful. Trump’s Puerto Rico response tests the limits of his fondness for grudges.

“He’s a racist president”: Mainland Puerto Ricans are furious over Donald Trump’s debt talk amid hurricane crisis. Lin-Manuel Miranda went off at Trump’s tweets attacking the Mayor of San Juan: “You’re going straight to hell, Donald Trump. No long lines for you. Someone will say, ‘Right this way, sir.’ They’ll clear a path”. Donald Trump makes himself the victim in the Puerto Rico crisis. Trump’s Puerto Rico response is rich white male arrogant privilege defined. Trump’s deadly narcissism: Millions of Americans are going to suffer, and hundreds if not thousands die, because Trump and his officials are too self-centered to do their jobs.

Puerto Rico is all our worst fears about Trump coming real — a real crisis comes and Trump can’t handle it. “Trump’s Katrina?” No, it’s much worse. Why Puerto Rico is not Trump’s Katrina: This crisis isn’t a PR disaster for our president because, frankly, we don’t expect any better of him at this point. A true moment of national disgrace (and more). The media needs to stop rationalizing President Trump’s behavior.

“There’s a damn tweet for everything”. “There really is a trump tweet for everything”. “Every. Single. Thing.