Trump has no good reason to scrap the Iran deal: The reasons his administration has put forth are dishonest and will make us less secure. Breaking nuclear deal could bring hacking onslaught from Iran. Trump: Iran is violating the nuclear deal; top US general: no, it isn’t. Trump’s generals thwart him on the Iran deal. Former Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz: The world can’t afford a nuclear Iran — keep the current deal. Trump plans to declare that Iran nuclear deal is not in the national interest. How far is Trump willing to go to damage Obama’s legacy? Waltzing toward a two-front global war: The U.S. just might be one step away from a war with North Korea, and two from a fight with Iran.

From VoegelinView, Jonathan Ratcliffe on the return of the reactionary (and part 2 and part 3). White supremacists have been marching in President Trump’s name — literally. Is Trump a white supremacist? Charles Blow on accounting for Trump and those who surround him. According to the mainstream Right, the real sin is not for the Republicans to carrying out the Nazi agenda, the real sin is to point out that this is happening. Southern, uneducated, generational racists? The alt-Right is not who you think they are. This is us: Charlottesville represented something distinctly American — white supremacy. The white supremacists who attacked Charlottesville are coming back with a vengeance.

Here’s how Breitbart and Milo smuggled Nazi and white nationalist ideas into the mainstream: A cache of documents reveals the truth about Steve Bannon’s alt-Right “killing machine”. David Lewis snuck into Seattle’s super secret white nationalist convention: “The standard Seattle Nazi is a white male under 30 who either works in the tech industry or is going to school to work in the tech industry”.

The inaugural issue of the International Journal of James Bond Studies is out, including Tony Bennett (Western Sydney): The Bond Phenomenon: Theorising a Popular Hero — A Retrospective. Everyone is watching to see if Catalonia declares independence — here’s what you need to know (and more and more and more). Theresa May’s horrible, no good, very bad day explains why democracy is better than technocracy. Rafia Zakaria on the myth of women’s “empowerment”. Branko Milanovic on the welfare state in the age of globalization. Kieran Setiya on the problem of “living in the present”. Why didn’t Trump build anything in Russia? Running for Miss America now looks a lot like running for office. There’s a war for your attention — and you’re probably losing it.

Nine reasons Trump’s tax plan will hurt you. Study: Most of Trump tax cuts go to richest one percent. Republicans angry at economists for finding their tax cuts go to the rich. Trump could save more than $1 billion under his new tax plan. When populism means corporate tax cuts. A very taxing president: The Trump team is rich, but they want to rewrite the tax code because they care only about you. The entire rationale for these tax cuts is bullshit. Trump’s Treasury Department hides inconvenient economic report (and more). Why Trump’s tax plan will (probably) be impossible to pass. “Powerful article explaining why we need an expanded estate tax”.

The GOP’s best tax reform idea is dead, and its next-best idea is dying. Republicans aren’t going to eliminate any tax breaks. It was all worth it for this tax reform.

Gun anarchy and the unfree state: Saul Cornell on the real history of the Second Amendment. In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, there can be no truce with the Second Amendment. The poverty of “data journalism” and the irony of gun control. I was devastated about Las Vegas — but quietly relieved that the shooter was white. NRA bans bump stocks at its own firing range. Don’t be fooled: The NRA doesn’t want to ban “bump stocks”. The NRA appeared to open the door on gun control — read the fine print. The NRA is a powerful political force but not because of its money: Liberals say Congress can’t pass gun control because it's bought by the NRA — they’re wrong.

“Democrats don’t seem to be as concerned about the victims as they are about guns”: Rep. Ted Poe claims that the Left wants to ban all guns and turn the U.S. into North Korea or Russia. Point/Counterpoint: We should talk about gun control vs. I’m going to shoot your liberal face. Looking for compromise on gun control is futile, but not for the reasons you think: Gun ownership is part of a powerful American identity that leaves little room for compromise. The gun control debate foreshadowed Trump’s America: The dynamics of the culture wars have caused a persistent helplessness in our politics.

“The numerous acts of sacrifice, heroism, humanity amidst unspeakable fear and heartbreak were there. But that is really part of the human condition. We are not really so great or exceptional in that regard. What is out of the norm is that these horrors happen here again and again. They do not happen anywhere else. That’s on us. We seem to be using the former to look away from the latter”.