Another victim of Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico’s treasured rainforest, El Yunque. Puerto Rico governor responds to Trump tweets about federal presence on island: Federal natural disaster assistance is required by law until emergency ends. Trump’s numbers on Puerto Rico are worse than Bush’s post-Katrina. “Trump is alternating between yelling at people saying he doesn't care about Puerto Rico and saying he doesn’t care about Puerto Rico”. Big decision: Will the US spend what it takes to save Puerto Rico? Abandoning Puerto Rico would be an impeachable offense. How to rebuild an island: Why Puerto Rico needs to get green.

From the Brookings Institution, Barry H. Berke, Noah Bookbinder, and Norman Eisen on Presidential Obstruction of Justice: The Case of Donald J. Trump. Elizabeth Drew on how the case for impeaching Donald Trump is real and serious. Trump urged by some to go on the attack against Mueller. President's lawyers may offer Mueller a meeting with Trump. Robert Mueller can’t save us: The special counsel is the anti-Trump — but our problems are beyond the scope of his investigation. Congress is dropping the ball on Trump’s obstruction of justice. Told about the 25th Amendment, Trump reportedly asked, “What's that?”

Could we reverse a hacked presidential election? The Constitution provides no clear answer — and we need a solution.

Jochem Zwier (Radboud) and Vincent Blok (Wageningen): Saving Earth: Encountering Heidegger’s Philosophy of Technology in the Anthropocene. The exodus: On a remote spit of land in the Bay of Bengal, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are fighting for their lives (and more and more and more). Here’s the recording of the strange sound US diplomats heard in Cuba before suffering mysterious brain injuries. Mass hysteria may explain “sonic attacks” in Cuba, say top neurologists. The tipping point: When do female leaders become the norm? How Russia used social media to suppress the vote in 2016. Twitter’s suspension of Rose McGowan epitomizes the site's most infuriating problem.

From Vox, Trump’s executive order to undermine Obamacare, explained; and here’s what UNESCO is — and why the Trump administration just quit it. What Trump can and can’t do to bully broadcasters over negative coverage. Ariel Dorfman on Trump’s war on knowledge. Trump’s nonsensical comments to Hannity reveal he has no idea how the national debt works. “Toxic on a day-to-day level”: How Trump is mismanaging the White House. From the Washington Monthly, Nancy LeTourneau on the overwhelming evidence that Trump is unfit for office; and on how the discussion about Trump’s unfitness for office has shifted. Real disaster cannot be put off much longer.

Amazon TV producer goes public with harassment claim against top exec Roy Price. Not just Harvey Weinstein: The depressing truth about sexual harassment in America. Jia Tolentino on how men like Harvey Weinstein implicate their victims in their acts. Rebecca Solnit on Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton, and blaming women for the acts of men. For conservatives, Weinstein proves a completely nonsensical point. “This is exactly how mainstream media made Trump president”. What enabled Harvey Weinstein: Changing the culture of maleness in this country is important — so is actually throwing rich sexual predators into prison. Harvey Weinstein’s contract allowed for sexual harassment.

The Harvey Weinstein story is Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” at work (in both senses), without the happy ending: Everyone pursues their individual interests as individuals; the result is a social catastrophe.