Shi-Ling Hsu (Florida State): Antitrust and Inequality: The Problem of Super-Firms. Carl Shapiro (UC-Berkeley): Antitrust in a Time of Populism. Democrats’ push for a new era of antitrust enforcement, explained. How Democrats can wage war on monopolies — and win. Five different things people mean when they say we need to revive antitrust. Pop culture is far ahead of Washington when it comes to tech monopoly politics. The anti-monopoly message finally breaks through. Steve Bannon has a good idea, not that he’s going to do anything about it. Jonathan B. Baker on market power in the U.S. economy today. America has a monopoly problem — and it’s huge.

Jozsef Borocz (Rutgers) and Mahua Sarkar (Binghamton): The Unbearable Whiteness of the Polish Plumber and the Hungarian Peacock Dance around “Race”. Saudi Crown Prince’s mass purge upends a longstanding system (and more). Mueller has enough evidence to bring charges in Flynn investigation. The Russian hacking scandal is way bigger than Donald Trump. 2 of the 5 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history happened in the last 35 days. Republicans, armed with thoughts and prayers after Texas. No, the DNC didn’t “rig” the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton. Ethan Link reviews The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin’s Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World — and Us by Richard O. Prum.

Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite’s hidden wealth. The wealthy men in Trump’s inner circle with links to tax havens. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s offshore ties to Putin “cronies”. Kremlin cash behind billionaire’s Twitter and Facebook investments.

Kristin Sandvik (Oslo): African Drone Stories. Laura Donohue (Georgetown): A Tale of Two Sovereigns: Federal and State Use and Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Rebecca L. Scharf (UNLV): Game of Drones: Rolling the Dice with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Privacy. Troy A. Rule (ASU): Drone Zoning. Elizabeth Basha on how drones can improve scientific research — they aren’t just for Amazon anymore. A new type of drone, neither military nor civilian, is emerging: Commercial uses for pilotless aircraft are taking off. Drones v sharks: Australia’s selachian battlefield goes digital.