Is it too late to save the world? Jonathan Franzen on one year of Trump’s America. It’s been a year — how well is America’s constitutional democracy doing? Six big ways Trump has remade America in the year since his election. Say something nice: 7 things that have actually improved during Trump’s presidency. Ellie Shechet and Stassa Edwards on the dictionary of Trump. From NYRB, Charles Simic on Year One: Our President Ubu; Judith Shulevitz on Year One: Resistance research; Katha Pollitt on Year One: My anger management; and David Cole on Year One: It’s up to us. One year later: We have to do much more than fight back, we have to fight for the world that could liberate and sustain us all when Trump is gone. One year into the Trump era, it’s time to recalibrate your anxieties. A year after Trump, women and minorities give groundbreaking wins to Democrats.

Brendan Shea (RCTC): The Problem of Evil in Virtual Worlds. In Beijing, Trump abandons years of tough talk towards China. “Trump projected an air of deference to China that was almost unheard-of for a visiting American president”. The Chinese have cracked the code for communicating with Trump. White House chief of staff tried to pressure acting DHS secretary to expel thousands of Hondurans, officials say. AT&T-Time Warner merger: Trump dashes trust in media and government at the same time. Former Bush ethics chief says the Justice Department's demands to Time Warner on AT&T deal is an “impeachable offense”. Atlas Shrubbed: What can free-market economic theory teach us about Rand Paul’s dispute with his neighbor?

Want to stop sexual harassment? Start helping women. So this is how men like Weinstein get away with it for so long. Men are finally waking up to sexual harassment — but they still have a lot to learn.

What will the GOP do about the sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore? Republicans rush to give alleged child molester Roy Moore the benefit of the doubt. The GOP looks stuck with Roy Moore. Top Alabama GOPers blast McConnell, defend Roy Moore after underage sex allegations. “Amazing thread. Not in a good way”. Roy Moore uses his alleged sexual abuse of 14-year-old girl to raise money. Poll: White evangelicals have warmed to politicians who commit “immoral” acts. Rev. Dr. Barber: “Almost every policy Roy Moore stands for threatens poor & vulnerable children, but it took accusation of child abuse/sexual assault for GOP to shun him”.