Michael J. Graetz (Columbia): Heading off a Cliff? Reverse Robin Hoods: The shaky math of the GOP tax plan. How the tax cut scam works. Dean Baker on the tax scam we know and the tax scam we don’t know. Brian Beutler on seeing through Republican tax cut lies. Paul Krugman on the ten big lies Trump and allies are telling, what they’ve said, and how we know that they are lies. The GOP tax plan takes from orphans, gives to trust-fund kids. Jared Bernstein on Republican class warfare at its most egregious. Who wins biggest in the GOP tax plan? The lazy rich. How the Trump family benefits from the Republican tax scheme. Thread: “The Republican tax bill looks like it was written by Donald Trump’s accountants and tax lawyers, and I’m not even joking”. Trump’s secret tax returns are relevant once more.

Why Trump will regret passing tax reform. Tax cuts are the glue holding a fractured Republican Party together. The Republican tax plan is political suicide. From Vox, the real cost of the Republican tax cuts: They’ll require spending cuts, or tax increases in other areas. Either could hurt many American families; and on the real stakes in the tax reform debate: It’s ultimately about inequality and who benefits from the economy’s rules. The GOP tax plan tells us everything about who matters in American democracy.

Jessica M Isserow (ANU): On Having Bad Persons as Friends. Jose M. de Areilza on Spain’s resilient democracy. Countries agree on Pacific trade pact that excludes US (and more). Trump’s “America first” looks more and more like “America alone”. Security breach and spilled secrets have shaken the N.S.A. to its core. What to make of the latest story about Flynn and Gulen? Flynn kidnapping plot is like Teapot Dome with a dash of treason. It’s our best chance ever for a carbon tax, and we’re blowing it. Trump denies he has interfered in AT&T–Time Warner merger. Proposed US tax reform “devastating” for Puerto Rico. “A different level of crazy”: Is civil war breaking out in the Wall Street Journal over the editorial board’s coverage of Mueller?

Is Trump really dumb enough to believe Putin? Ex-intelligence chiefs: Trump is being played by Putin and US is in “peril”. Russia’s mark: A dangerous fool for a president. “These are not the actions of an innocent man”: Trump’s after-the-fact complicity in Russia’s election meddling is abundantly clear (and more). Cambridge Analytica denies working with Russia, unconvincingly. RT, Russia’s English-language propaganda outlet, will register as a “foreign agent”.

America’s pathetic autocrat: Donald Trump’s authoritarian instincts have been checked by his incompetence. Jennifer Rubin on Trump’s latest impeachable actions. “Just do it”: Trump urged tribal leaders to ignore federal law. “The saddest thing”: President Trump acknowledges constraint. Josh Marshall on Trump and the authoritarianism of fails. Amy Davidson Sorkin on Jeff Flake and the G.O.P.’s complicity problem. Charles Sykes on Hugh Hewitt and the GOP’s captive minds. Trump’s CIA director is distorting intelligence to help his boss. Standing on the edge of despotism: Are Republicans content to wait until Trump steps off that precipice to figure out what comes next? Brian Klaas on the four futures of Trump (and American democracy).

Breitbart aims to discredit Roy Moore’s accusers. All the appalling ways Republicans are defending Roy Moore. In Alabama, Republican voters stand by Roy Moore. Why Alabamans are defending Roy Moore: Partisanship often overrides religious or moral values in the state — but Moore’s scandal could be a new litmus test. Why evangelicals can’t quit Roy Moore. The curious defenses of Roy Moore betray the evangelical culture of child sexual abuse. The swine of conservatism: Ross Douthat on Roy Moore and the distinctive predators of cultural conservatism. “Donald Trump Jr. liked a tweet saying someone with multiple divorces and three bankruptcies wasn't credible. Donald. Trump. Jr”. Brian Beutler on a party unmoored. Roy Moore response shows GOP deserves to die.

Could Russian trolls have helped elect Donald Trump? The reach and messaging of Russian web content could plausibly have affected the outcome. The strange pleasure of seeing Carter Page set himself on fire. Vinay Nayak and Samuel Breidbart on how issuing pardons could end Trump’s presidency. The Trump administration’s looming political crisis: It’s been a chaotic year since the election — but the Mueller investigation signals that the most eventful days are still ahead. Republicans say firing Mueller is the only way to prevent a “coup”.

“My 2018 nightmare: overwhelming evidence of Trump Russia collusion/corruption, but he remains in office bc GOP won’t act; this leads to overwhelming wave election in midterms, but gerrymandering/geographic concentration means Rs retain control of Congress. US democracy dies”.