From Serendipities, a special issue on Understanding the Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe. Philosophy without borders, naturally: An interview with Harold Kincaid, author of Philosophical Foundations of the Social Sciences: Analyzing Controversies in Social Research. Tobias Hansson Wahlberg (Lund): Why the Social Sciences are Irreducible. A new theory on how researchers can solve the reproducibility crisis: Do the math. Stephen J. DeCanio (UCSB): What Is It Like to Be a Social Scientist? Some social scientists are tired of asking for permission. The first chapter from Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction by Kosuke Imai.

David Waldner (Virginia): Schrodinger’s Cat and the Dog That Didn’t Bark: Why Quantum Mechanics is (Probably) Irrelevant to the Social Sciences. The introduction to Hermeneutic Philosophies of Social Science, ed. Babette Babich. Daniel Little on social science and policy. Jeremy Freese (Stanford) and David Peterson (Northwestern): Replication in Social Science. Why Russian officials want to control the social sciences: In authoritarian regimes, the social sciences are the most vulnerable to state interventions.

Maura Priest (Radford): Intellectual Humility: An Interpersonal Theory. Sebastian Schmidt (FAU): Why We Should Promote Irrationality. Goodbye strongman, hello military intervention: An explainer for what just happened in Zimbabwe. To understand the coup in Zimbabwe, you need to know more about Grace Mugabe. Mira Rapp-Hooper on the 5 things we learned from Trump’s Asia trip. Jeff Sessions' testimony proves how little the truth matters under Trump. Rogue Democrats introduce articles of impeachment against Trump. Trump’s administration is right to block the AT&T and Time Warner merger. Trump’s comments create a lose-lose position for Justice. Why Richard Cordray’s retirement from the CFPB matters. Sean Hannity has become the media’s top conspiracy theorist.

Brian Beutler on Donald Trump and the Russian dog that didn’t bark. A confederacy of dunces: How the Trump campaign got criminally stupid. Christopher Steele believes his dossier on Trump-Russia is 70-90% accurate.

Timothy K. Kuhner (Georgia State): American Kleptocracy: How to Categorize Trump and His Government. Trump is leading the most corrupt administration in U.S. history, one of first-class kleptocrats. Too rich for conflicts? Trump appointees may have many, seen and unseen. The Wilbur Ross scandal isn’t about Russia, it’s about corruption. Trump nominates some club members to plum government jobs. Trump’s tax bill is a swamp monster: The president broke a key campaign promise — to clean up the pipeline of government workers to high-paid lobbyists. How Trump learned to love the swamp: A year after the election he’s still campaigning as a populist, but he’s governing for the big interests he ran against.

How today’s despots and kleptocrats hide their stolen wealth. Trump administration deals a blow to international anti-corruption efforts. America is importing corruption — here’s how to stop it.