Or Bassok (Nottingham): The Supreme Court at the Bar of Public Opinion Polls. The Supreme Court is ignoring Trump as much as possible: The country’s highest court has a strategy for combatting the craziness in Washington — stop focusing on the President. Dahlia Lithwick and Stephen I. Vladeck on the dangerous myth of the judicial “resistance”. The Supreme Court has an ethics problem: Justices on the high court don’t have to follow the same code of conduct as they do in lower courts — that needs to change. Linda Greenhouse, the most respected Supreme Court reporter of her generation, slams media “objectivity”.

Cassandra Burke Robertson (Case Western): Judicial Impartiality in a Partisan Era. David Orentlicher (UNLV): Politics and the Supreme Court: The Need for Ideological Balance. The first chapter from Ideology in the Supreme Court by Lawrence Baum. Scott E. Lemieux on the Supreme Court’s anti-democratic feedback loop: The GOP installs Supreme Court justices over the will of voters, the Supreme Court helps the GOP remain in power — rinse, repeat. How to fix the Supreme Court: The way we choose Supreme Court nominees is broken — here’s how to fix it.

Alli Orr Larsen (William & Mary): Constitutional Law in an Age of Alternative Facts. Eric Berger (Nebraska): When Facts Don’t Matter (“This Article examines the Court’s penchant for brushing aside inconvenient facts”). It’s a fact: Supreme Court errors aren’t hard to find. Chief Justice Roberts and other judges have a hard time with statistics — that’s a real problem.

Are Trump’s generals in over their heads? For many in Washington, they’re the only thing standing between the president and chaos — but their growing clout is starting to worry military experts. Will the generals save us from Trump? Pitched as calming force, John Kelly instead mirrors boss’s priorities (and more). John Kelly is an example of what we might call Total Quality Trumpism, Trumpist ideology in a more disciplined, duty-focused, professional package (and more). Donald Trump’s generals cannot control him: America’s president loves men in uniform, and they often give him sound advice — but it is Mr Trump who calls the shots.

Charles H. Norchi (Maine): The Arctic in the Public Order of the World Community. The terrorist attack against Sufi Muslims in Egypt, explained. The introduction to The Philosophy of Pain, ed. David Bain, Michael Brady, and Jennifer Corns. How to write a Nazi: The New York Times’s profile of Tony Hovator shows how rhetoric is fascism’s real battleground. Koch insists it will just be a passive investor in Time Inc. — the fine print reveals that’s not true. Migrants desperate to flee Libya’s detention camps are being turned back at sea. Trump’s attacks on CNN are being used to question the network’s reporting on Libya’s slave markets. The CFPB has been great for consumers — so of course Trump wants to gut it (and more).

Dan Prisk (SFU): The Hyperreality of the Alt Right: How Meme Magic Works to Create a Space for Far Right Politics. How a Silicon Valley striver became the alt-Right’s tech hero: Andrew Torba founded Gab.ai as a “free speech” alternative to other social networks. On Fox News, Tucker Carlson promotes white nationalist social media site. Two months ago, the Internet tried to banish Nazis — no one knows if it worked. Ben Garrison is the man who has become white supremacists’ favorite cartoonist — whether he likes it or not. To save Pepe the Frog from the alt-right, his creator Matt Furie has invoked copyright law’s darker side.

From Vox, a visual guide to the key events in the Trump-Russia scandal. Did the feds flip Turkish businessman Reza Zarrab and could he bring down Michael Flynn? Does a Russian’s confession fit what we know? Sarah Kendzior on the “oligarch envy” haunting President Trump. Trump and Russia seem to find common foe: The American press. Why Trump’s attack on the Time Warner merger is dangerous for the press: It doesn’t always take violence to destroy media freedom — Vladimir Putin, for one, has figured out a better way. Odds are, Russia owns Trump: There is ample evidence the president is not working for America first. Robert Mueller and the FBI can’t save us: Jacob T. Levy on the limits of legalism.