Harry van der Linden (Butler): Trump, Populism, Fascism, and the Road Ahead. Surviving Trump: Adam Boretz on the KKK and Donald Trump. “Build a counter-narrative”: Asher Schechter interviews Beppe Severgnini on what the U.S. can learn from Italy on how to defeat populist plutocrats. Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca on facing the four structural threats to US democracy. Thomas Edsall on the self-destruction of American democracy. Trump isn’t sure if democracy is better than autocracy: America’s president is voluntarily abdicating one of the country’s biggest strategic advantages. Ari Berman: “How democracy dies: Voting on secret bills Packing courts with extreme unqualified judges Attacking free press Corporations running Internet Mass voter suppression Gerrymandering Hacking elections”.

Trump veers past guardrails, feeling impervious to the uproar he causes. The White House expects Trump to get even more outrageous. The sickness isn’t in Donald trump’s mind: A president who is both susceptible to and a proponent of propaganda and a thriving conservative agitprop apparatus have met their perfect matches.

Time to talk impeachment: Trump’s reckless behavior this week is another sign of crisis. D.R. Tucker on the case for preemptive impeachment. Ezra Klein on the case for normalizing impeachment: Impeaching an unfit president has consequences — but leaving one in office could be worse.

The mainstream media didn’t care about Puerto Rico until it became a Trump story. Added to the storm’s toll, guilt and heartache for Puerto Ricans who fled. A great migration from Puerto Rico is set to transform Orlando. Two months after Maria, life on Puerto Rico’s southeast coast is far from normal. Congress faces growing health care crisis in Puerto Rico. Economists, demographers present grim picture to Puerto Rico fiscal board. A controversial “oversight board” could take over Puerto Rico’s hurricane rebuilding effort. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren propose $146 billion “Marshall Plan” for Puerto Rico.

The lineman got $63 an hour — the utility was billed $319 an hour. Puerto Rico’s deal with Whitefish was shady as hell, new records show. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Repair or Rebuild: Options for Electric Power in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is starting to take solar power more seriously. Desperate for electricity, Puerto Rico children’s hospital goes solar. Molly Crabapple on Puerto Rico’s DIY disaster relief. Puerto Rico’s Arecibo observatory will stay open, despite funding concerns.

Yogita Goyal (UCLA): Third World Problems. Rudolf Stichweh (Bonn): Evolution and Control of Society. Susan Sarandon: “I thought Hillary was very dangerous. If she’d won, we’d be at war”. Daniel Ellsberg is still thinking about the papers he didn’t get to leak. Derek Thompson on how to survive the media apocalypse. Monster heat wave reaches Greenland, bringing rain and melting its ice sheet. Interrogators blast Trump’s “clueless” CIA pick Tom Cotton (and more). The Trump administration is mulling a pitch for a private “rendition” and spy network. From Buzzfeed, Robert Johnston solved the DNC hack — now he’s telling his story for the first time; and this man pranked Eric Trump and Harvey Weinstein — now he just wants a job.

Julia Downes (Open): “It's Not the Abuse That Kills You, It’s the Silence”: The Silencing of Sexual Violence Activism in Social Justice Movements in the UK Left. From Vox, Nicole Hemmer on #MeToo’s roots in the feminist awakening of the 1960s; and Hope Reese interviews Stephanie Coontz on backlash: “#MeToo is powerful but will fail unless we do more”. A new prescription for tackling sexual violence: How some advocates are looking to dismantle rape culture using public health strategies. Constance Grady on the complicated, inadequate language of sexual violence. Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller on when sexual assault victims are charged with lying.

Why do we condemn some men and forget about others? How to identify serial harassers in the workplace. Sex and power in Washington: Why the capital is ripe for sexual abuse — and why that’s unlikely to change. To hell with the witch-hunt debate: The post-Weinstein moment isn’t a war on sex — it’s a long-overdue revolution.

The worst of the GOP, all in one bill: How tax reform turned into a Frankenstein’s monster of bad Republican ideas. It started as a tax cut — now it could change American life. “It’s a ponzi scheme”: Wall Street fears Trump’s deranged tax plan could kick off economic euthanasia. GOP tax bill is the end of all economic sanity in Washington. The biggest tax scam in history (and more and more). David Leonhardt on the four big tax deceptions. Brian Beutler on how to spot the GOP’s big tax bill lie. How the GOP’s contempt for democracy will pass Trump’s tax cuts (and more). John McCain caps political career by declaring himself a fraud.

Trump’s tax scam is a massive bailout for his rich adult sons paid for by you and your kids. Trump’s phony populism is fully exposed in the Republican tax bill. Senate GOP tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought, CBO finds. A Republican tax plan built for plutocrats. GOP doesn’t seem to hate debt so much now that it wants a tax cut. “The funny thing is all the Republicans voting to increase the deficit by at least $1.5 trillion will switch 180 degrees to being deficit-hawks the second Trump signs the tax cut. They will blame the deficit entirely on spending & the media will let them get away with it”.

The media still doesn’t know how to cover a bankrupt GOP: The Republican Party’s big tax reform package is nothing less than a massive scandal — so where is the outrage? The tax bill battle shows the Left needs a “single payer of fiscal policy”: Sarah Jaffe interviews Michael Kink of the Strong Economy for All Coalition.