Helaine Olen on how sexual harassment does not occur in a vacuum: The #MeToo moment is a rallying cry, standing in for all the frustrations, insults, and second-class treatment women experience at work. Melody McCloskey: I’m a Silicon Valley CEO — this is how I’m going to fight sexism and harassment. Nitasha Tiku on how to pierce the secrecy around sexual harassment cases. The game theory of why we should believe allegations of sexual misconduct. Trump may face a reckoning in case brought by female accuser. Should Billy Bush be forgiven? Please, for the love of god, don’t let Megyn Kelly replace Matt Lauer.

Robert Vinten (NOVA): Was Wittgenstein a Liberal Philosopher? From the Hedgehog Review, a special section on the end of the end of history. Is Trump about to blow up Jared Kushner’s Mideast peacemaking? Here’s how conservationists plan to fight back against Trump’s attack on Utah’s monuments. Katrin Jakobsdottir, Iceland’s new PM, is a 41-year-old anti-war feminist and environmentalist. The Irish border has crashed Brexit negotiations — here’s what you need to know. Sex work and the capitalist patriarchy: Amy Brozovich on why legalization is not a substitute for abolishment. A political-science view of Trump’s reported census pick: Thomas Brunell’s work challenges a widely held conviction in his field, that political competition is healthy for democracy.

The plutocratic id: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lets corporations loose to do what they will — and then imposes pain to make the numbers work. The fiscal effects of tax policy is a field of research, like climate science, where the Republican Party has dismissed the academic consensus and instead resided in a fantasy world. K Street taxpocalypse: Clutching at norms won’t save us from the GOP’s bad-faith legislative tactics.

White House paranoid: “Everyone thinks they’re being recorded”. The Trump team should be worried about the Logan Act but this has never been about the Logan Act — it’s far more serious than that. To say collusion allegations remain unproven is materially misleading — collusion has been conclusively proven. Trump’s lawyer says the president can’t obstruct justice — 13 legal experts say yes, he can. Why Trump’s lawyer is dead wrong on obstruction of justice. Sessions argued in Clinton impeachment that presidents can obstruct justice. Donald Trump never cared about the rule of law — at least now he’s admitting it. It’s time to ask every Republican this question about Trump and Mueller.

Jack Goldsmith on the cost of Trump’s attacks on the FBI: When cabinet officials don’t push back on Trump’s efforts to delegitimize their agencies, they leave their staff frustrated and demoralized. Old Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweet about “attacking FBI” goes viral after Trump’s tweetstorm.