Rogers Brubaker (UCLA): Why Populism? Mikko Salmela (Helsinki) and Christian von Scheve (FU Berlin): Emotional Roots of Right-wing Political Populism. Simon Tormey (Sydney): Populism: Democracy’s Pharmakon? Ronald U. Mendoza, Michael Ilagan, Miann Sombise Banaag, and Ivyrose Baysic (Ateneo de Manila): Costing Populist Policies. Majid KhosraviNik (Newcastle): Right Wing Populism in the West, Social Media Discourse and Echo Chambers. From the American Interest, Francis Fukuyama on what is populism; why populist nationalism now; and the future of populism at home and abroad. How we got here: Andrew Arato on transition failures, their causes, and the populist interest in the constitution.

Samir Gandesha (Simon Fraser): Understanding Populism, Left and Right. Raghuram Rajan on how populist nationalism is “the first step toward crony capitalism”. Noam Gidron (Princeton) and Peter A. Hall (Harvard): The Politics of Social Status: Economic and Cultural Roots of the Populist Right. This new poll shows that populism doesn’t stem from people’s economic distress. The new populism isn’t about economics: Nationalist candidates are winning around the globe in growing economies — another crisis is afoot. Neil Davidson (Glasgow): Choosing or Refusing to Take Sides in an Era of Right-Wing Populism. Dani Rodrik on how to combat populist demagogues.

Ruth Wodak (Lancaster): The Politics of Fear: What Right-Wing Populist Discourses Mean. Ruth Wodak (Lancaster) and Michal Krzyzanowski (Liverpool): Right-wing Populism in Europe and USA: Contesting Politics and Discourse beyond “Orbanism” and “Trumpism”.Nick Barlow (Queen Mary): Populism and the Centre. Attila Antal (Eotvos Lorand): Empire and Multitude Populism: The Political and Social Theory of Contemporary Populisms. David Landau (FSU): Populist Constitutions. Mario Blejer and Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi on populism and time inconsistency. Luigi Guiso, Helios Herrera, Massimo Morelli, and Tommaso Sonno on the spread of populism in western countries.

Foivos Dousos (Royal Holloway): Beyond the Selfie Principle: Radical Narcissism in New Media Cultures. Martin Reimann (USC), Oliver Schilke (Arizona), and Karen S. Cook (Stanford): Trust is Heritable, Whereas Distrust is Not. Gracy Olmstead on how electing Roy Moore will be the doom of the pro-life movement. Wall Street got almost everything it wanted in tax package. How Ukraine’s attempt to arrest Mikheil Saakashvili led to a rousing rooftop speech. Trump’s acting directors are quietly dropping “acting” from their titles. Why is Trump intent on moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem? Fantastic beasts and how to rank them: The relative plausibility of impossible beings tells you a lot about how the mind works.

Trump campaign adviser Stephen Moore says GOP tax overhaul is “death to Democrats”. The Republican tax plan is a gift to the next Democratic majority. If you back Trump for his tax plan, you have to own his racism, misogyny and amorality too. Republicans are coming for your benefits. After tax cuts, Republicans eye civil war.

From PRRI, a special report on “One Nation, Divided, Under Trump: Findings from the 2017 American Values Survey”. Big Macs, screaming fits and constant rivalries: Michael Kranish reviews Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency by Corey R. Lewandowski. Trump’s threat to take down the GOP still stands. Donald Trump is a dangerously weak president: The media is crediting him with a tax overhaul victory — but he still holds remarkably little clout in Washington. Tufts professor Daniel Drezner “broke Twitter” with this crazy-long thread about Donald Trump’s staff treating him like a toddler.

Should Trump really fear a Senator Mitt Romney? Some Republicans say Roy Moore would cause the president more trouble. These corporations are helping elect an alleged child sex abuser to the U.S. Senate. “In the middle of the swamp there is a cesspool and in the middle of the cesspool there is bubbling pipe emitting raw sewage and in the middle of the bubbling pipe emitting raw sewage is the leadership of the GOP today”. “Right now, we seem to be stuck in a sort of Republican immorality bubble, and it’s already continued its surge for far longer than I would have imagined possible. But it won’t last forever”.

Margaret Hartmann on 19 times President Trump may have obstructed justice. The evidence is damning: What Team Trump knew and when. Why Flynn’s guilty plea won’t bring down Trump. Daniel W. Drezner on how Donald Trump needs to exit the White House. The price he will pay: President Donald Trump’s main legacy will likely be a series of new laws and practices designed to prevent someone like him from abusing power or even obtaining it in the first place.