From the Guardian, Tom McCarthy and Sam Morris on the Trump-Russia investigation: Everything you need to know about the inquiry into Russian hacking, alleged collusion and Donald Trump. Focus on Flynn, Trump timeline suggests obstruction is on Mueller’s mind. Martin Longman on the underlying crime in the #TrumpRussia investigation. Donald Trump is guilty: The only remaining question is what exactly he’s guilty of. For the first time, we have a clear line of sight to a potential act of undeniable illegality by President Trump. Mueller might be the one who’s “draining the swamp”. Is Trump going to fire Mueller? Jedd Legum on 6 disturbing signs. Jonathan Chait on why the Mueller investigation is in mortal danger.

How secret talks with Russia to prevent election meddling collapsed: With the 2018 midterms on the horizon, Moscow proposed a sweeping noninterference agreement with the United States — the Trump administration said no.

Trump accusers share stories: “The environment’s different, let’s try again”. Women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct want Congress to open an investigation. The White House’s audacious new lie about the women accusing the president of sexual abuse. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand calls on Trump to resign. Why Democrats shouldn’t abandon the moral high ground. This moment isn’t (just) about sex — it’s really about work. The problem isn’t sex, it’s work: Workplace harassment is about power, not desire — and it’s a symptom of deep economic and professional inequality. Is the judiciary ready to handle harassment charges? How the legal system fails victims of sexual harassment: Federal judges have developed a narrow view of what behavior is bad enough to be illegal. Sally Kohn on why sexual harassment should be treated as a hate crime.

Pu Huang, Mark Wilson, Dustin Mayfield-Jones, Viktoriya Coneva, Margaret Frank, and Daniel Chitwood (Danforth Center): The Evolution of Western Tonality: A Corpus Analysis of 24,000 Songs from 190 Composers Over Six Centuries. Bitcoin is the most obvious bubble of the modern era. Now the government is going after Patagonia for criticizing Trump. Rohingya women describe unfathomable sexual violence. Josh Marshall: Journalists, don’t cower before authoritarians and liars. NYC terror attack attempt shows how counterterror policy is working. Why are corruption cases crumbling? Some blame the Supreme Court. Our reading habits are changing: Houman Barekat interviews Arifa Akbar. A McMansion is like obscenity: You know it when you see it.

Peter Lee (UC-Davis): Democratic Engagement and the Republic of Science. Natalie Ram (Baltimore): Science as Speech. Neil Thompson (MIT) and Douglas Hanley (Pittsburgh): Science is Shaped by Wikipedia: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial. Nicolas Rougier and John Timmer (Bordeaux): Ten Simple Rules for Scientific Fraud and Misconduct. Darpa wants to build a bs detector for science. What a nerdy debate about p-values shows about science — and how to fix it. The absurdity of the Nobel prizes in science: They distort the nature of the scientific enterprise, rewrite its history, and overlook many of its most important contributors.

Gopal Sarma (Emory): Is There Value in Training Scientific Generalists for Positions at the Edge of Academia? Society is ready for a new kind of science — is academia? Staid and conformist, science risks losing its creative spark — does it need more mavericks, or are they part of the problem?

Charles Blow on the rise of the Roypublicans. How Steve Bannon rescued Roy Moore’s campaign against all odds. How Trump came around to an accused child molester. Roy Moore was once again caught making remarks that can be interpreted as okay with slavery. Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones has nothing to do with little girls; it’s about white supremacy. Congresswoman moves to protect Senate pages from accused molester Roy Moore. Shadowy Facebook ads that pushed Trump are back in Alabama. Russian propagandists are pushing for Roy Moore to win. The prospect of a Roy Moore victory should make your stomach churn with fear. Brian Resnick on what Roy Moore’s campaign can teach us.