Jonathan Levy (Chicago): Capital as Process and the History of Capitalism. Maia Pal (Oxford Brookes): “My Capitalism is Bigger than Yours”: Against Combining “How the West Came to Rule” with “The Origins of Capitalism”. Alf Nilsen (Agder): Thinking Capitalist Development Beyond Eurocentrism. Leandro Vergara-Camus (SOAS): Capitalism, Democracy, and the Degrowth Horizon. Heikki Patomaki reviews Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises by Anwar Shaikh. Beyond the political theory/political economy divide: Martijn Konings reviews Portfolio Society: On the Capitalist Mode of Prediction by Ivan Ascher. The first chapter from Capitalism without Capital: The Rise of the Intangible Economy by Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake.

There is great disorder under the heavens: Aleksandar Matkovic interviews Wolfgang Streeck on capitalism, Europe and Trump. Richard Seymour on Ubercapitalism and the trillion dollar reward. The people that capitalism makes: As inequality worsens, the super-rich become more and more grotesque. Some conservatives have been against capitalism for centuries — they just haven’t been that effective. We didn’t start the fire: Class conflict isn’t something we choose to engage in — it’s just how capitalism works. Was 2017 a bad year for capitalism?

The last stimulus: We shouldn’t ask whether we must get out of capitalism so that humans can survive — we must ask how and when. Why capitalism needs socialism to survive: Sean Illing interviews top Peter Thiel adviser Eric Weinstein on the failures of the billionaire class. The end of capitalism is already starting — if you know where to look.

From Rhetoric Review, a symposium on Rhetoric, Race, and Resentment: Whiteness and the new days of rage. Robert Greene on how to fight white backlash. Majority of white Americans say they believe whites face discrimination (and more). Why do white people feel discriminated against? Toure asked them. Jon Greenberg on 10 examples that prove white privilege exists in every aspect imaginable. “It’s ok to be white” explained. From Louis Armstrong to the N.F.L.: Jelani Cobb on ungrateful as the new uppity. “Disrespectful” and more things white people say when they really want to call black people the n-word but can’t.

How “white people” were invented by a playwright in 1613. America’s original sin: Annette Gordon-Reed on slavery and the legacy of white supremacy. There’s a good reason to take claims that whiteness will soon include large numbers of Latinos with a healthy dose of skepticism. Yolanda Moses on the shameful persistence of white supremacy in the United States. Not a dog-whistle but a bullhorn: Steve King says “diversity is not our strength” (and more). “Intellectual conservatives must demonstrate that they are cool with racism in order to establish their bona fides with the conservative base”. Damon Young on the most useless types of white people, ranked.

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy (Stetson): Time Suck: How the Fundraising Treadmill Diminishes Effective Governance. This is not how the Senate is supposed to work: Paralyzed by the filibuster, the Senate has found a terrible way to legislate. Eric Holder: Gerrymandering has broken our democracy — the Supreme Court should help fix it (and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more). There’s a reason Congress leaves everything to the last minute: Over time, the Democratic and Republican parties have become more ideologically coherent, making politics more competitive and legislation harder to pass. Congress is broken — bring back pork: Earmarks were controversial, but eliminating them got Washington into this dysfunctional mess.

Restoring Congress’s role in the modern administrative state: Christopher J. Walker reviews Congress’s Constitution: Legislative Authority and the Separation of Powers by Josh Chafetz.

Anthony Hayes (ANU): How the Situationist International Became What It Was. Trump is revoking 260,000 Salvadoran immigrants’ permission to live in the United States. Donald Trump doesn’t care about Puerto Ricans. Roy Edroso: I have a soft spot for lunatics and whackadoodles, and Acculturated’s Bizarro analyses often came close to appealing to that part of my nature. Bannon group shopped anti-Trump document in 2015. Pakistan has all the leverage over Trump: Why Islamabad isn’t worried about threats to cut off U.S. aid (and more). 2017 set a record for losses from natural disasters — it could get worse. 9 ways the world got a lot better in 2017: It seemed awful — but overall, it was a great year for humanity.

Trump can read perfectly well off teleprompters, so quit calling him stupid, stupids. Is Trump certifiable? Lisa Appignanesi reviews The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President by Bandy X. Lee. The president who doesn’t read: Trump’s allergy to the written word and his reliance on oral communication have proven liabilities in office. Trump is no genius, but he’s smart at playing dumb. Fire and Fury is the first book of the post-truth social media era.

Michael Makovi (Texas Tech): Consent to Be Governed: A Libertarian Defense of Hierarchy and Authority. David Ellerman (UC-Riverside): Rethinking Libertarianism: A Review/Essay on Elizabeth Anderson’s Private Government. From the Volokh Conspiracy, a symposium on the Routledge Handbook of Libertarianism. Will Wilkinson on libertarian origins, libertarian influence, and the ruling American Right. Are free minds and free markets compatible with Christianity? A baker’s dozen Christian libertarians weigh in. Millennials don’t like conservatism: Libertarians won the CATO-Heritage intern debate. Matt Kibbe and the liberteens: The former president of FreedomWorks looks to the youth.

“I used to be a libertarian when I was 12”: An interview with Martha Nussbaum. Noam Cohen on Peter Thiel’s libertarian logic. The Trump administration is a libertarian’s worst nightmare. Pining for murderous dictators is not the path to liberty. The short, unhappy life of a libertarian paradise: The residents of Colorado Springs undertook a radical experiment in government — here’s what they got. This Texas town went full libertarian and hilarity ensued. Bitcoin is teaching libertarians everything they don’t know about economics. What’s left of libertarianism? John Quiggin on liberaltarianism.

John Jackson on Harvey Weinstein: If the freedom to sexually harass, or refuse to hire racial minorities seems like something society should actively fight, then be thankful your morals are not those of Milton Friedman.

Adriaan van Klinken (Leeds): Masculinities and the Male God. Anke Becker (Harvard): Herding and Male Dominance. Scott Kiesling (Pitt): Masculine Stances and the Linguistics of Affect: On Masculine Ease. Scott Burnett and Tommaso M. Milani (Witwatersrand): Fatal Masculinities: A Queer Look at Green Violence. The “rules” of being a man are bullshit: Redefining manhood in a culture of toxic masculinity. Lili Loofbourow on the myth of the male bumbler. Carol Cohn on the perils of mixing masculinity and missiles. Men, maybe it’s time to man up and accept some help from yourselves. Conservatives find out that women are studying toxic masculinity, meltdowns ensue.

The prologue to Mean Men: The Perversion of America’s Self-Made Man by Mark Lipton. This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach. Here’s what a clown learned about male violence by face-painting kids at a picnic. “Forget about the stigma”: Male nurses explain why nursing is a job of the future for men. Olivia Campbell on the men taking classes to unlearn toxic masculinity.

Re-defining manhood: Harvey Weinstein and how his toxic manhood is our toxic manhood, too. Shenila Khoja-Moolji on Trump’s manipulation of Muslim masculinity. After the Texas shooting, we need to talk about masculinity and domestic violence. How to keep Donald Trump from spreading his toxic masculinity to future generations.

Donald Trump goes full Fredo — but unlike the Godfather character, the president of the United States is backed by powerful people enabling him. GOP leaders happily stand by Trump as he becomes increasingly unhinged. 25th Amendment unlikely to be invoked over Trump’s mental health. How Donald Trump came between Mike Pence and Jeff Flake: They used to be brothers in arms, now one is being driven off the battlefield, and the other is the president’s right-hand man — how one relationship explains the fractured GOP. Republicans are weaponizing law enforcement against Trump’s enemies. The Grand Obstruction Party: The central organizing principle of the Republican Party, at this point, is helping Trump cover up his crimes.

Voters are starting to see Trump as a garden-variety conservative. America hates the Republicans, and they don’t know why. The GOP’s dilemma: Avoiding disaster in midterms will just embolden Trump to run again. Faust on the Potomac: Republicans are tying themselves even more tightly to Trump, because they can’t escape their deal with the devil. The Republican Party is in full-on panic mode, and we get to watch. Trumpism is a long term failure for Republicans — but short term it could destroy democracy. EJ Dionne on how the dam of denial has broken. Why Republican leaders will stand by Trump no matter what.

The United States of America is decadent and depraved: The problem isn’t Donald Trump — it’s the Donald Trump in all of us.