From the International Organization for Migration, here is the latest World Migration Report 2018. Martin Beckstein (Zurich) and Vanessa Rampton (ETH Zurich): Conservatism Between Theory and Practice: The Case of Migration to Europe. Wolfgang Streeck (Max Planck): Between Charity and Justice: Remarks on the Social Construction of Immigration Policy in Rich Democracies. Martina Paric (KU Leuven): Precarity as Identity Formation in Migrant Debate: The Danger of Double Precarity. Postcolonial investigations and the role of necessary discontinuity: Dora Suarez reviews Postcolonial Interruptions, Unauthorized Modernities by Iain Chambers.

When and how can foreign aid slow migration? Josephine Livingstone reviews Rescue: Refugees and the Political Crisis of Our Time by David Miliband. Empire, epidemics and visions of racial apocalypse: Alexandre White on the precursors of contemporary xenophobia. How Europe’s far Right fell in love with Australia’s immigration policy. Why fear of immigrants puts everyone’s freedom at risk: Carlos Lozada reviews Go Back to Where You Came From: The Backlash Against Immigration and the Fate of Western Democracy by Sasha Polakow-Suransky. This land is their land: Immigration is inevitable — when will the West learn that it promises salvation, not destruction? End all immigration controls: They’re a sign we value money more than people.

Cass Sunstein (Harvard): Growing Outrage. Guardian drops Berliner failure for tabloid in redesign (and more). The sage of Burkittsville: Matthew Continetti on Charles Murray’s human accomplishment. An interview with Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders, founders of io9. Michael Wolff says that Washington will bury Trump. The frightening lessons from Hawaii’s false missile alert: The mistake exposed serious problems with both state and federal emergency-alert procedures, and the public response. “Frost boy” in China warms up the Internet, and stirs poverty debate. Paying a pornstar hush money would have ended any other presidency. Trump does more damage to himself than his opponents ever manage to do. George Orwell is a terrible role-model for an age that needs more serious people honestly grappling with complexity.

White racial resentment has been gaining political power for decades. Ed Kilgore on William Barber II and the MLK legacy of church-based activism. Will America choose King’s dream or Trump’s nightmare?

Trump’s fake news carries on the tradition of America’s king of hoaxes, P.T. Barnum. White House staff could be in trouble if they help Trump with fake news awards, says former WH lawyer. “He has the same embattled view as a typical Fox viewer”: Gabriel Sherman goes inside the feedback loop between the president and Fox News. How “Fox & Friends” rewrites Trump’s reality: Andrew Marantz on the thin fourth wall between the President and his TV. Should we be angry about Trump’s Twitter account, or the consolidation of nuclear power to a single elected position? Nausicaa Renner reviews Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump by Allen Frances and The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President, ed. Bandy Lee.

The “genius” of Trump: What the president means when he touts his smarts. Trump speaks at fourth-grade level, lowest of last 15 U.S. presidents, new analysis finds. The President is not fit for office — all you can do about it is vote.