Daniel Burston (Duquesne): “It Can’t Happen Here”: Trump, Authoritarianism and American Politics. Trump’s war on the press follows the Mussolini and Hitler playbook. Former prosecutors sound alarm bells over politicization of justice. Jeffrey Toobin on Donald Trump and the rule of law. U.S. “approaching important turning points” in democracy under Trump, per report. American democracy is on a break: Welcome to “Trumpocracy” — a review essay. Trump is not the only threat to America’s democracy — the problems run deeper than our president. Can American democracy withstand its latest assault? Christian Caryl reviews How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt. If authoritarianism is looming in the US, how come Donald Trump looks so weak? (and more)

How 9/11 triggered democracy’s decline: The attack spawned wars to export democracy abroad, while degrading it at home. Roger Berkowitz on the four prejudices underlying our crises of democracy.

Daniel A. Farber (UC-Berkeley): The Conservative as Environmentalist: From Goldwater and the Early Reagan to the 21st Century. How much has “climate change” been scrubbed from federal websites? A lot. The toxic chemical industry is having a really great year. The US coal industry is going out, not with a whimper, but with a burst of rent-seeking. Can we put coal miners back to work in clean energy? Why conservatives outsourced environmental policy to lobbyists and kooks. Adam M. Sowards on Interior’s legacy of bad behavior: Ryan Zinke isn’t the first Interior secretary to attract controversy. The damage done by Trump’s Department of the Interior: Under Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of the Interior, it’s a sell-off from sea to shining sea. Most of National Park System Advisory Board quit in protest.

Forthcoming from the Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy, Dan Demetriou (Minnesota) and Ajume Wing (Colorado): The Ethics of Racist Monuments. Philip K. Dick and the fake humans: We live in Philip K. Dick’s future, not George Orwell’s or Aldous Huxley’s. North Korea at the Olympics: Diplomatic breakthrough or propaganda victory? Black, bookish and beautiful: This all-black, all-female publishing team is ensuring authors of color get their shine. Ariel Sophia Bardi on the soft nationalism of Amma, India’s hugging saint. Investigators are scrutinizing newly uncovered payments by the Russian embassy. You can download On Kings by David Graeber and Marshall Sahlins.

Welcome to 2018: Dylan Matthews on Donald Trump’s alleged porn star affair and hush money scandal, explained. The president and the porn star: Trump’s sexual license has turned the culture wars upside down. The triumph of porn over social conservatism: Jeet Heer on why Trump’s alleged affairs with erotic stars aren’t hurting him on the Right. “How can the president of the United States get away with what looks like hush money paid to a mistress in the middle of an election? How is it that this isn’t front-page news until Trump tells us what it was all about and shows us the agreement?”

From the Congressional Research Service, a primer on U.S. immigration policy. Soumyajit Mazumder (Harvard): Becoming White: How Mass Warfare Turned Immigrants into Americans. Jennifer Jones (Notre Dame) and Hana E. Brown (Wake Forest): American Federalism and Racial Formation in Contemporary Immigration Policy. Margaret Hu (Washington and Lee): Algorithmic Jim Crow. Sahar F. Aziz (Rutgers): A Muslim Registry: The Precursor to Internment? Jennifer M. Chacon (UC-Irvine): Criminalizing Immigration. Trump is distorting statistics to demonize immigrants. Our refugees: Take a look at the countries targeted by bans and bombs. How Stephen Miller single-handedly got the U.S. to accept fewer refugees.

How Republicans set the stage for Trump’s corrosive ideas on immigration. None of their business: How a powerful source of support for immigration lost its influence over the Republican Party. Natural human behavior: Dispatches from the Northwest’s immigration dystopia. An underground college for undocumented immigrants: Refused admission by public universities and unable to get funding from private ones, aspiring students find another way. When deportation is a death sentence: Hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the U.S. may face violence and murder in their home countries — what happens when they are forced to return?

If Trump fires Mueller, Republicans won’t object. Donald Trump’s two-faced presidency: He and his administration often contradict each other — how long can this fragile arrangement last? Why Trump administration officials try so hard to flatter him. Trump set a record for White House staff turnover in the first year. “John Kelly is the man Fred Trump always wanted Donald Trump to be”. Trump’s enablers destroy their reputations for nothing. Jeff Flake’s empty words: Until the senator is willing to oppose his own party’s agenda, his anti-Trump speeches are meaningless. The rise of the privilege epiphany: Donald Trump made them realize their dumb luck in life — now what?

Kaitlan Collins on a window inside Trump’s morning “executive time”. The president watches a lot of Fox News — does it matter? President Trump isn’t crazy — but he is dangerous. Fine, Trump doesn’t have dementia — he’s just a moron. Trump isn’t a toddler — he’s an abusive patriarch. Why do we say Trump was “accused” of groping? He confessed.