Xianjie He and Huifang Yin (SUFE), Yachang Zeng and Huai Zhang (NTU), and Hailong Zhao (SWUFE): Testosterone, Facial Structure, and Achievement Drive. William Buckner on the behavioral ecology of male violence. Tara-Lyn Carter​​ (Melbourne) and Geoff Kushnick (ANU): Male Aggressiveness as Intrasexual Contest Competition in 78 Societies. Male sexuality isn’t brutal by default — it’s dangerous to suggest it is. The medieval roots of bro culture: Our cavalier approach to sexual consent goes back more than 500 years. The miscellaneous bros of bodybuilding.com: Bodybuilding.com’s humongous Misc. forum embodies the worst of American men.

Helana Darwin (Stony Brook): Omnivorous Masculinity: Gender Capital and Cultural Legitimacy in Craft Beer Culture. How did a once obscure academic become the Internet’s most revered — and reviled — intellectual? Kelefa Sanneh on Jordan Peterson’s gospel of masculinity. Hollywood’s most toxic bromance: Gary Baum on the implosion of Charlie Sheen and Lenny Dykstra. The great stink: It’s time for men to stop worrying about who they are, and start thinking about what they do. I finally learned to accept my own vulnerability as a man — it helped. James Bond is a wimp: To the misogynist, the most terrifying thing imaginable is a woman with power, her own voice and her own life.

C.D. Christensen (UC-Berkeley): The “True Man” and His Gun: On the Masculine Mystique of Second Amendment Jurisprudence. We need to talk about how toxic masculinity is killing America. What do America’s mass shootings have in common? Guns, yes — but also, boys. Boys do cry (and shoot): Jay Baron Nicorvo on how male fragility is a dangerous taboo. The trouble with boys: Peggy Orenstein on masculinity in the age of Trump.

Michelle Smirnova (Missouri): Small Hands, Nasty Women, and Bad Hombres: Hegemonic Masculinity and Humor in the 2016 Presidential Election. Trump said he would charge a gunman — here’s what he’s actually done in the face of danger. Donald Trump, Manly He-Man: We need a new model of masculinity — it won’t come from this president.

Jacek Tittenbrun (Adam Mickiewicz): Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory of Multiple Capitals: A Critique. In 2018, black women want more than thanks — they want political power. Living in the present: Karl Schafer reviews Midlife: A Philosophical Guide by Kieran Setiya (and more). What Putin’s scary-sounding nuclear weapons announcement really means. Jeet Heer on the myth of the Times’ intellectual diversity. Trump has announced massive aluminum and steel tariffs — here are 5 things you need to know (and more and more). Scott McLemee reviews Revenge: A Short Enquiry into Retribution by Stephen Fineman. Losing the Twentieth Century: On the left and the right, commentators are playing fast and loose with references to totalitarianism.

Trump shows why there’s no point in talking to him about policy. Trump’s real talk on gun control is sparking a far-right civil war. Trump turns on gamers: It’s Trump versus his extremely online supporters in a bout of mortal combat. Trump loyalists flee the White House as anti-Trump wave builds. Paul Waldman on Trump’s transubstantiation of falsehood into truth. Why young people should serve honorably in the Trump administration. New survey shows young people are staying liberal and conservatives are dying off. Trump’s corruption deserves to be a central issue in the 2018 midterms. The Trump administration is consumed by malevolence and incompetence.