The “Putin System” is not geared towards urgently needed economic and social reforms, but mainly serves to cement existing relations of power. Here is how Russia manipulates the media to create unrest in the West. It’s time to go after Vladimir Putin’s money in the West. Trump’s Russia policy is an incoherent mess: On Russia, it’s Trump versus the Trump administration. Donald Trump isn’t Winston Churchill — he’s Neville Chamberlain. Vladimir Putin’s wildest dreams are coming true — courtesy of a U.S. president. The Moscow midterms: Clare Malone on how Russia could steal our next election. Why are some conservatives convinced Mueller is going to clear Trump? If everything is a Russia bombshell, nothing is.

James G. Hodge, Lexi White, and Sarah Wetter (ASU): From [A]nthrax to [Z]ika: Key Lessons in Public Health Legal Preparedness. Bent Flyvbjerg (Oxford): Did Megaproject Research Pioneer Behavioral Economics? The Case of Albert O. Hirschman. Dragos Simandan (Brock): Demonic Geographies. Trump condemns “sick” Syria disaster yet slams the door on countless refugees. “Why did you wait?”: Quinta Jurecic on moral emptiness and drone strikes. The moral high ground on Syria is empty. Hungary’s election was a milestone in the decline of democracy. David Leonhardt on the tragedy of James Comey. Tobias Grey reviews The End of the French Intellectual by Shlomo Sand. The introduction to The Tyranny of Metrics by Jerry Z. Muller.

Tierney Sneed on what to make of the FBI’s “extraordinary” raid of Michael Cohen. Fox News explains exactly why the Michael Cohen raid should terrify Donald Trump. Who can stop Jeff Sessions from breaking his recusal pledge? Probably no one.

Will Facebook kill all future Facebooks? Facebook’s aggressive moves on startups threaten innovation. Scott McLemee reviews new and forthcoming titles from university presses on social media, privacy and technological change. Why Mark Zuckerberg’s 14-year apology tour hasn’t fixed Facebook. Want to change Facebook? Don’t delete your account — use it for good. Henry Farrell, Margaret Levi, and Tim O'Reilly on how Mark Zuckerberg runs a nation-state, and he’s the king: Thanks to decades of research on political economy, we know how hard it is to check the powers of a king. Read Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, annotated. Emily Stewart on 9 questions Congress should ask Mark Zuckerberg. “Zuckerberg will testify. So, here is your Facebook BINGO card”.