From the Intercept, how the Assad regime tracked and killed Marie Colvin for reporting on war crimes in Syria. Americans feel a moral obligation to help humanitarian victims (like those in Syria) with military force. Trump might be about to attack Syria — again. Here’s how Trump could strike Syria. Trump’s military strike on Syria will be illegal. Jack Goldsmith and Oona Hathaway on the downsides of bombing Syria. American intervention in the Middle East has been a 4-decade disaster. Will Syrians pay for Trump’s anger at investigators? For Trump and Putin, Syria is a battle of competing realities. Syria gas attack conspiracy theories fueled by Tucker Carlson and far-right fringe.

Christos Andreas Makridis (Stanford): Hotter Days, Better Days? The Effect of Temperature on Economic Sentiment. New memo shows how Republicans used tax bill to enrich themselves. Every criticism of the Republican tax plan is proving true. Women are chimeras, with genetic material from both their parents and children — where does that leave individual identity? China offers Trump an opportunity to save face. After his landslide victory, Viktor Orban will be empowered to continue Hungary’s slide into authoritarianism — and the opposition will need to rebuild itself from the ground up. The strange case of Anna Stubblefield, revisited. The introduction to Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics by I. Glenn Cohen, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Effy Vayena, and Urs Gasser.

From New York’s Select All, a series of interviews with ex-Facebook employees and investors. Mark Zuckerberg has been apologizing for reckless privacy violations since he was a freshman. Ban targeted advertising: As Mark Zuckerberg testifies to Congress about Facebook's privacy failures, here’s a wholesale solution for politicians to consider. Emily Stewart on what the government could actually do about Facebook. Members of Congress can’t possibly regulate Facebook — they don’t understand it. The Senate is afraid to govern — that’s great news for Facebook.

From Lawfare, Paul Rosenzweig on Michael Cohen, the attorney-client privilege, and the crime-fraud exception. Is the Michael Cohen raid a turning point in the Russia investigation? Trump’s strange justice: The president regards due process as a form of political correctness — unless he or his allies are the ones targeted by law enforcement. At the White House, Trump takes selfies and seethes over Mueller. “He’s sitting there bitching and moaning’’: Inside Trumpworld, allies fear the boss could go postal and fire Mueller. Jonathan Chait on the 5 best quotes from freaked-out Trump sources, ranked.

Trump sought to fire Mueller a second time in December. White House: Trump believes he has the power to fire Mueller (and more). Once again: Trump can’t — and therefore (probably) won’t — remove Mueller. What’s a guy gotta do to get impeached in Trump’s out-of-control America? The end of impeachment: How both Republicans and Democrats are undermining a crucial constitutional tool to oust an unfit president. “Every accusation is a confession” is an almost infallible guide to Republican discourse in 2018. It’s Mueller, not Trump, who is draining the swamp.