Tamila Varshalomidze on 5 things to know about the expected US strikes in Syria. Potential responses to Syria are mired in the Washington playbook. Amy Davidson Sorkin on Trump’s tweets and the authorization of war. Will Trump tweet his way into an escalating military conflict in Syria? The demise of the Trump-Putin bromance leaves a dangerous combination: Two toddlers-in-chief, a bellicose top adviser, and a decimated diplomatic corps. Alex Ward on the real (but small) danger of a US-Russia war over Syria. 12 Trump tweets about Syria that are very awkward right now. “A tweet for literally everything”.

Ed Burmila on attorney-tyrant privilege: Trump fulfills his story arc as the GOP shirks all responsibility. Will Trump actually fire Mueller, Rosenstein, or Sessions? Robert Mueller’s nuclear option: If Trump fires him, the special counsel should reveal everything he’s discovered in the Russia investigation. Thread: “Thus, everyone who is up in arms about the possible firing of Mueller should be just as alarmed — if not more so — by the likelier prospect that Rosenstein may go”. Firing Mueller and Rosenstein won’t save Trump’s closest allies. Will Michael Cohen snitch on Trump? Trump is already acting like Nixon in his last days. Don’t hold your breath for a Watergate-like ending — Republicans have no intention of chasing Trump from office.

Matthew Feinberg (Toronto) and Elisabeth Wehling (UC-Berkeley): A Moral House Divided: How Idealized Family Models Impact Political Cognition. Dexter Filkins on a Saudi prince’s quest to remake the Middle East. The Oklahoma teachers’ strike is a mutiny against austerity. Facebook fallout deals blow to Mercers’ political clout. The prequel boom: Why do studios keep doing prequels if fans hate them, and why do fans hate them so much in the first place? Beware economists who warn of an entitlement explosion. The angry American Chopper argument meme has gone meta. Do patents invent innovation? They’re a common index of technological creativity, but research finds they can impede rather than encourage it.

Mattathias Schwartz on watching Congress try to friend Mark Zuckerberg. Alexis Madrigal on the most important exchange of the Zuckerberg hearing. The Facebook CEO came to the Senate expecting a beatdown, but escaped with a scolding. Zephyr Teachout on how Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook hearing was an utter sham. Facebook crossed the creepy line and can’t go back. The Facebook worm started to turn today. Want to tackle Facebook? Stop mindlessly celebrating business success. Mark Zuckerberg swore repeatedly that Facebook gives us control over the information it collects — two members of Congress showed how wrong that is. Facebook should pay us for using our data. Alexandra Petri on the Zuckerberg hearings, condensed.

Fanatic, fraud, factotum: Jonathan Chait on the rise and fall of Paul Ryan. A scam of a party says goodbye to its top fraud. House Speaker Paul Ryan was the biggest fraud in American politics. Paul Ryan isn’t retiring because he’d lose — he’s retiring because Republicans are screwed. Paul Ryan leaves Congress with his central goal unfulfilled. Paul Ryan says Trump’s presidency was worth it for the tax cuts (and more). Tara Golshan on how Trump broke Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan’s legacy will be defined by his support for Donald Trump. Paul Ryan paved the way for Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party. Meet the white nationalist most likely to take over for Paul Ryan now that Ryan is retiring. Ryan’s retirement could roil House Republicans.