Erich Hatala Matthes (Wellesley): Who Owns Up to the Past? Heritage and Historical Injustice. Michael Weinman on Michelle Wolf, Sanders, and the scandal of “safe spaces”. Iran lists demands for staying in nuclear deal. Peace in Korea is still possible — just without America. Kim Jong Un is better off now than he was before Trump agreed to a summit. Trump’s and Bolton’s instincts form a toxic combination. Nicholas Zimmerman on why Washington insiders decide to leak. Nancy LeTourneau on why this administration is the leakiest. John Cassidy on how game theory explains the leaks in the Trump White House. Trump said protesting NFL players “shouldn’t be in this country” — we should take him seriously.

The Trump administration is quietly cracking down on documented immigrants. Trump promised to reshape America — he’s already told 1 million immigrants who had legal protections to get out. Trump made an immigration crackdown a priority — Jeff Sessions made it a reality. Trump’s approach to immigration didn’t come out of nowhere: “There’s like a pride in the fact that we are terrorizing these communities”. Trump calls some immigrants “animals”, adds, “We have to break up families”. This revealing anecdote unmasks Trump’s dehumanization game. Jacqueline Stevens on when migrants are treated like slaves. How the Haitian refugee crisis led to the indefinite detention of immigrants. Collide on the U.S. border: Francis Wilkinson on the ethics of helping or halting migrants in the desert.

ICE has become Trump’s personal bullying squad. Detained, then violated: 1,224 complaints reveal a staggering pattern of sexual abuse in immigration detention — half of those accused worked for ICE. Tina Vasquez on the new ICE age: An agency unleashed. It’s time to abolish ICE: A mass-deportation strike force is incompatible with democracy and human rights.

From Philosophical Foundations of Children’s and Family Law, ed. Elizabeth Brake and Lucinda Ferguson, Matthew J. Lister (Deakin): The Rights of Families and Children at the Border. Here’s how the government managed to lose track of 1,500 migrant children. Meredith Hoffman on what separating migrant families at the border actually looks like.

As ICE separates children from parents at the border, public outrage grows. Trump’s racist immigration policy is backfiring on Trump. Trump blames Democrats for his most horrifying immigration policy. The government is “not legally responsible” for losing nearly 1,500 refugee children.

Thread: “To state the less obvious: ‘Losing’ children under one's jurisdiction is almost certainly a criminal dereliction of duty, but because of the doctrine of qualified immunity, there is essentially no chance anyone will ever be prosecuted under US law for it”. “This is America”.

Rick Santorum blames asylum-seeking parents for 1,500 children who have gone missing. Try to guess who’s the least charitable toward refugees. “The 2020 GOP platform should be one sentence: ‘life begins at conception, ends at birth, brown people are not human, and cut taxes for business and the rich’”.

Onni Hirvonen and Joonas Pennanen (Jyvaskyla): Populism as a Pathological Form of Politics of Recognition. Myriam Hunter-Henin (UCL): The Legal Face of Populism: From the Classroom to the Courtroom. Michael Abramowitz and Nate Schenkkan on how illiberal leaders attack civil society: What’s happening in Central Europe is part of a larger trend. Kung Pao with the brownshirts: My evening with the German far Right. Italy’s populists get a green light to govern, in new threat to Europe (and more). Matt O’Brien on how the euro is helping Europe’s far-right. Liberal politics and the challenge of white supremacy: Jamil Khader on anti-anti-Eurocentrism and the question of identity politics.

Simon Brunner and Lucia Waldner interview Francis Fukuyama on the return to the past. What’s the matter with Europe? A discredited elite and dark forces rising — sound familiar?

From Vox, South Korea is scrambling to figure out WTF just happened with the Trump-Kim summit; the real reason Trump’s North Korea summit failed; and why did anyone ever take Trump’s North Korea diplomacy seriously? Surprise: Donald Trump is terrible at diplomacy. President Trump is a better dealbreaker than dealmaker. Trump walks away from more deals than he makes. “It’s a nightmare scenario”: how Trump’s North Korea spectacle fits his pattern. Trump’s North Korea withdrawal was so typically erratic and bombastic that it was totally predictable. John Bolton’s wrecking ball takes down North Korea summit. Why the world is better off without a Trump-Kim summit.

Trump sounds like he’s itching for war, as he warns North Korea against “foolish and reckless” acts. Should you worry about a U.S. war with North Korea? Not really. Why nuclear war with North Korea is less likely than you think.

MIS: Pettit Philip (ANU): Democracy before, in, and after Schumpeter. Andras Szigeti (Linkoping) and John Michael (Warwick): The Group Knobe Effect. Life without U.S. begins for world powers trying to save Iran deal. “Shame on you, Jared Kushner”: Harvard alumni tear apart classmate in 15th reunion notes. What LSD and other psychedelics can do for the no longer young: Laura Miller reviews How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence by Michael Pollan (and more). “But does that really matter?” Kevin Tobia on how ignoring small harms is a moral mistake, and neglecting small harms can have surprisingly large consequences.

Most unpatriotic president ever says kneeling NFL players “shouldn’t be in the country”. All Colin Kaepernick ever did was ask: NFL kneeling isn't just a protest — it's a plea. It’s time to cancel the NFL and its plantation-style politics.

Seungbae Park (UNIST): Moral Vegetarianism vs. Moral Omnivorism. Nathan Cofnas (Oxford): Is Vegetarianism Healthy for Children? Michael Glover (Free State): Animals Off the Menu: A Racist Proposal? Nathan Runkle on the worst thing you’re doing for animal rights and the environment. The USDA goes hog wild: A new proposal could take American slaughter factories back to the days of The Jungle. Corey Lee Wrenn (Monmouth): Trump Veganism: A Political Survey of American Vegans in the Era of Identity Politics. The unstoppable rise of veganism: How a fringe movement went mainstream. The truth about the “vegan lobby”: It has long been demonized by conservatives — and even some vegans themselves — but does it really exist?

David Axelrod (Montclair State): On the Likelihood of God’s Existence: An Econometric Perspective. Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa (UBC): Faith and Epistemology. Stanislaw Judycki (Gdansk): How Do We Recognize God? The Most Important Epistemological Question of Christian Philosophy. Rene Van Woudenberg and Hans Van Eyghen (VU Amsterdam): Most Peers Don’t Believe It, Hence It Is Probably False. Jason Megill (Bentley) and Dan Linford (Purdue): On The Unimportance of Theistic Belief. Ryan Preston-Roedder (Occidental): Three Varieties of Faith. Patrick Todd (Edinburgh): Does God Have the Moral Standing to Blame? Lloyd Strickland (MMU): The Problem of Religious Evil: Does Belief in God Cause Evil? Franklin Perkins (Hawaii): Evil as a Problem in Non-Theistic Contexts. Simon Kittle (Innsbruck): Some Problems of Heavenly Freedom. God said it, I believe it, that settles it (except it doesn’t).

Why did Trump cancel summit with North Korea? Five reasons president will not meet Kim Jong Un. Joshua Keating on How Trump’s North Korea summit collapsed. South Korea responds to Trump’s sudden cancellation of Kim Jong Un summit. Trump threatens war against North Korea — and says South Korea and Japan will pay for it. Trump just canceled the North Korea summit — 9 experts explain what happens now. Donald Trump cancels North Korea summit, placing his Nobel Peace Prize in serious jeopardy. Think military strikes could stop North Korea? Try it and see. How a nuclear attack on North Korea would spark a global cancer epidemic.

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize and the Doomsday Clock: The end of nuclear weapons or the end of us? How to be a prophet of doom: We could use a new graphic reminder of what nuclear war would mean for humanity.

Fuat Gursozlu (Loyola): Democratic Potential of Creative Political Protest. Facebook has moved billions of accounts out of reach of new European privacy rule. Mark Zuckerberg hearing shows it’s Europe — not America — Facebook should be worried about. Gopal Balakrishnan was accused of sexual harassment for years — then an anonymous online letter did what whispers couldn’t. Obama sucks as a post-president. From the American Interest, Richard Thompson Ford on social justice as distributive justice: It’s messy and open ended, like politics, where even well justified policies often involve some moral arbitrariness. What’s the biggest obstacle to Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un? Trump. What happens if there is no Trump-Kim Jong Un summit? With medal of honor, SEAL Team 6 rewards a culture of war crimes.

Is this Playboy model keeping the biggest secret of the Trump presidency? Get to know Elliott Broidy, the next major Trump scandal figure. Hey, look: More evidence that Broidy may have been covering for Trump in that Playmate affair. “That psychopath is going down”: Inside Trumpworld, a bizarre counter-narrative takes hold. That the pre-election investigation of his corruption included the (wholly legitimate) use of an informant just makes a handy way for Trump to spin himself as the victim while he continues to pick the pockets of the American people. Most Americans don’t realize Robert Mueller’s investigation has uncovered crimes.

From the New York Times, a look at how the Mueller investigation could play out for Trump. Chris Hayes and Kate Shaw examine all the ways Trump has tested America’s legal boundaries since his inauguration, and what we can learn as a result. We need to stop talking so much about norms — because it doesn’t capture what is happening or the situation we’re in. Trump as history: Oz Frankel on moving past Trump as an individual and thinking of Trumpism as a historical and political phenomenon.