The original Donald Trump: The New York Establishment will ignore unscrupulous acts to serve its interests — just look how it treated Roy Cohn, onetime lawyer to the president. Better call Cohen: Seth Hettena on the shady cases of a Trump lawyer’s personal injury practice. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen went to the worst law school in America. How Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, built a shadowy business empire. David Adler on why bad men love real estate: Of course Sean Hannity is a landlord. Sean Hannity’s learned helplessness: The Fox News host’s radical relativism is all too familiar to anyone acquainted with Russian propaganda.

“Truly impressive that Pruitt can supply a quality scandal on an almost daily basis for weeks on end. Kid’s got game”. Steve Benen on 48 hours that should (but probably won’t) end Scott Pruitt’s career. Scott Pruitt’s breathtaking corruption is part of Paul Ryan’s legacy. Mike Pence praises notorious criminal Joe Arpaio as tireless champion of the “rule of law”. Mike Pence’s peculiar sense of morality: Mike Pence has managed to appall just about everyone across the political spectrum — that takes some doing. Those who associate with Trump often live to regret it.

From Quanta, Natalie Wolchover interviews Neil Johnson, a physicist who models ISIS and the alt-Right. Why Islamist extremists and the far right need each other: Sean Illing interviews Julia Ebner, author of The Rage: The Vicious Circle of Islamist and Far Right Extremism. Alt-Right or jihad? Unleashed by globalisation’s dark side and the collapse of communities, radical Islam and the alt-Right share a common cause. Why you should be more scared of your oven than of terrorists sneaking into America. David Perry on how white American terrorists are radicalized. Waffle House suspect Travis Reinking deemed himself a “sovereign citizen”, part of anti-government group.

Who’s to blame for a generation of angry white men? The media is missing the point in its sympathetic coverage of white male killers, the biggest threat to women, people of color, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ people — all of us. What do incels, fascists and terrorists have in common? Violent misogyny. Right-wing domestic terrorism remains a grave danger: Why do we ignore it?

Frank Hindriks (Groningen) and Igor Douven (Paris): Nozick’s Experience Machine: An Empirical Study. Yossi Nehushtan (Keele) and John Danaher (NUI Galway): The Foundations of Conscientious Objection: Against Freedom and Autonomy. Stunning developments on Trump/private black ops oppo targeting Obama staffers. The caravan of Central Americans seeking asylum at the border, explained. Dr. Oz is a quack — now Trump’s appointing him to be a health adviser. John McCain regrets his Palin pick for the wrong reasons. Jordan Weissmann interviews Robin Hanson, the sex redistribution professor. I’m not black, I’m Kanye: Ta-Nehisi Coates on how Kanye West wants freedom — white freedom. Jeffrey C. Goldfarb on Adam Michnik, the New School and the Democracy Seminar, then and now: An invitation.

Cynthia Nixon can save the Democrats (from themselves). Cynthia Nixon has already won: By moving the governor to the left — and she’s beginning to think she just might win the whole thing.

Most voters have become numb to each new Trump scandal because they don’t believe what he says anyway. Trump voters hurt most by Trump policies, new study finds. Research finds that racism, sexism, and status fears drove Trump voters. Golden slumbers: Trumpists will never care about sex, lies or videotape. Once more for the people in the back: Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a racist. These are not good people. I’m done trying to understand Trump supporters — why don’t they try to understand me? Someday Donald Trump will be as respected as Ronald Reagan: America constantly venerates its worst individuals.

Talia Lavin on the far right’s ironic snowflake problem: The Milo mishegas speaks to an intellectual barrenness at the core of Trump-era conservatism: Having found themselves in political power, they must manufacture a sense of powerlessness. “Every election cycle there’s some new Republican billionaire who’s dumping bucketloads of money into races all over the country in service of his unique view that Republicans just aren’t conservative enough — what happened to the good old days, when robber barons were assholes during their business careers but then settled down to a life of philanthropy after their kids took over the business?”

Thread: “Have we ever before seen something like this — a US political party many of whose whose active members know perfectly well that the party’s central tenets are lies?” Trump handed the agenda to conservatives and they blew it: Ideologues on the Right will say their ideas have never been tried, but the truth is, they’re out of workable ideas. Many GOP politicians dislike Trump — they’re terrified to admit it. Never-Trump Republicans face an obvious choice — they’re not going to like it: If they believe Donald Trump is a threat to America, they should vote Democrat. The Republican Party, not Trump, is the real threat to American democracy.

From tripleC: Communication, Capitalism and Critique, a special issue on Karl Marx @ 200: Debating Capitalism and Perspectives for the Future of Radical Theory. From Los Angeles Review of Books, a forum on the Karl Marx Bicentennial. On Marx’s two-hundredth birthday, capitalism’s ideology looks shakier than it has in a while. 21st-century Marx: Each era of modernity has reinvented Marx to fit its needs — how can his analysis of capitalism help us today? Yanis Varoufakis on how Marx predicted our present crisis — and points the way out. Branko Milanovic on the influence of Karl Marx: A counterfactual.

Marx at 200: His writings had greater influence on the 20th century than those of anyone else — but is Karl Marx still relevant in the 21st century? Karl Marx turns 200: Are his ideas still relevant? From Financial Times, why Karl Marx is more relevant than ever: Adam Tooze reviews A World to Win: The Life and Works of Karl Marx by Sven-Eric Liedman; and what would Karl Marx write today? Two hundred years after the philosopher’s birth, two staunch believers in capitalism rewrite The Communist Manifesto. From Dissent, Andrew Hartman on Marx at 200: Just getting started; and Sheri Berman on Marxism’s fatal flaw. Happy birthday, Karl Marx: You were right. Ryan Cooper on why it’s time to normalize Karl Marx.