Loyalty, unease in Trump’s Midwest: Voters gave Trump a chance, some remain all in — others have grown weary of the chaos (and more). “Tricked by the devil”: They backed Trump — now, his foreign labor cuts may ruin them. Here’s a crazy idea: Trump voters are responsible for Trump. “Maybe we have swung too far toward being empathetic”: Julia Ioffe interviews Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live, Obama, Oprah 2020, and whether media elites try too hard to feel the pain of Trump voters (and more). Paul Waldman on why Democrats can’t win the “respect” of Trump voters. “Real” Americans are a myth — don’t you dare buy it.

“Trumpers should look at this tweet (photoshopped by an adept tweep here, h/t @oppland67) and consider it a thought experiment”. White people get more conservative when they move up — not down — economically. Brian Resnick on 9 essential lessons from psychology to understand the Trump era.

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President Trump just blinked on China: The president appears to have crawled way out on a limb to make a mediocre deal. President Trump shrinks from another fight with China. “A mere 72 hours after the Chinese government agreed to put a half-billion dollars into an Indonesian project that will personally enrich Donald Trump, the president ordered a bailout for a Chinese-government-owned cellphone maker”. Helaine Olen on Trump’s latest violation of the emoluments clause.

What Kim Jong Un wants from Trump: The United States is playing North Korea’s game — here’s why that’s dangerous. As much as White House officials pretend that President Trump’s supernatural ability to sniff out Kim Jong-un’s true intentions will be the key to peace on the Korean peninsula, June 12 is only the beginning of this story. Trump moonwalks away from pledge to denuclearize North Korea. Alex Ward on the past 72 hours in surprising North Korea news, explained. North Korea appears to be shutting down its nuke-testing site. Why closing Kim’s test site won’t hinder his nuclear plans. North Korea just threatened to cancel the Trump-Kim meeting — experts say it’s likely a bluff (and more). North Korea’s sudden “unpredictable” frostiness was entirely predictable.

Why are we taking Donald Trump’s Korea diplomacy seriously? All he does is lie and break promises — this will be no different.