How billionaires learned to love populism: Amy Chua on what’s behind the Trump alliance between self-dealing plutocrats and blue-collar voters. John Jackson on Koch and the neo-Confederate (and more). Meet Marshall DeRosa, the Koch-funded, white supremacist professor teaching at Florida Atlantic University. Luther vs. Erasmus: Michael Massing on when populism first eclipsed the liberal elite. Perhaps the most insidious threat facing Western democracies has been the progressive decline of elite accountability and responsibility. Populism is a problem — elitist technocrats aren’t the solution. Maybe voters aren’t as uninformed as elites like to think — elitist jargon is the real issue.

What’s been stopping the Left? If progressive political parties had pursued a bolder agenda in the face of widening inequality and deepening economic anxiety, perhaps the rise of right-wing, nativist political movements might have been averted. 21st century Americanism: Populist symbolism can be powerful — but we can’t drop the old language of class. Yanis Varoufakis on the high cost of denying class war.

W. Kip Viscusi (Vanderbilt): The Fatal Failure of the Regulatory State. Venezuela just had a rigged election — it’s one step closer to becoming a failed state. White House official rewards Paul Ryan’s loyalty with talk of ousting him as speaker. David Dayen on a fitting end to Paul Ryan’s fraudulent political career. How Trump got punked by Kim Jong-Un. Thread: “As someone who was part of diplomatic talks, this story on how Trump team screwed up China negotiations is a textbook case of nearly EVERY SINGLE THING you should NOT do. Bodes badly for North Korea summit. Let’s pick it apart step by grueling step”. So far, Donald Trump has negotiated zero successful deals. All your works are belong to us: New frontiers for the derivative work right in video games.

Trump, salami tactics, and the rule of law: The constitutional crisis is that there is no “crisis”. With a huge assist from the right-wing media, Trump’s strategy could work. Brian Beutler on how the media rewards bad faith. Trump is doing same thing he demanded Clinton be locked up for. But his iPhone!

Whites have fled the Democratic Party — here’s how the nation got there. Who does the Democratic Party stand for? The primary race between two Democratic candidates for governor in Georgia exposes the larger questions facing the party. Tara Golshan on the Democrats’ new “Better Deal for Our Democracy”, explained. Turning up the heat on Trump: Dems say “culture of corruption” to be focus of midterms. Democrats have finally found their midterm message. “We’re definitely seeing unbridled enthusiasm among Democrats”: Ella Nilsen on why Democrats are suddenly competitive in deep-red Texas.