Caleb Yong (Max Planck): Immigration Rights and the Justification of Immigration Restrictions. Do states have the right to exclude immigrants? Sarah Song (Berkeley): Why Does the State Have the Right to Control Immigration? Christine Straehle (Groningen): Justice in Migration. Hrishikesh Joshi (Princeton): Immigration Enforcement and Fairness to Would-Be Immigrants. Liliana Lyra Jubilut and Rachel de Oliveira Lopes (UNISANTOS): Strategies for the Protection of Migrants through International Law. Lorenzo Del Savio, Giulia Cavaliere, and Matteo Mameli (King’s College): Migration and Cooperative Infrastructures. Margaret E. Peters and Michael K. Miller on better democracy promotion through immigration.

Alex Sager (Portland State): Private Contractors, Foreign Troops, and Offshore Detention Centers: The Ethics of Externalizing Immigration Controls. Vilna Bashi Treitler (UCSB): Migration as a Response to Global Inequality. Geoffrey Heeren (Valparaiso): The Immigrant Right to Work. Amy Baker Benjamin (AUT): What Happens When the Unstoppable Force of Multiculturalized Immigration Meets the Immovable Object of the Equality Principle. Tendayi Achiume (UCLA): Governing Xenophobia. Alex Sager (Portland State): The Uses and Abuses of “Migrant Crisis”.

Mariagrazia Portera (Edinburgh): Habitual Behaviour and Ecology: Why Aesthetics Matters. Greggor Mattson (Oberlin): Weaponization: Metaphorical Ubiquity and the Rejection of Politics. Why dictators write: What Saddam Hussein’s romance novels and Kim Jong-il’s film criticism reveal about authoritarianism. The polls are all right: Election polls sometimes get the answer wrong — but they’re about as accurate as they’ve always been. Why I stand with those Trump calls “MS-13 lovers”. Niall Ferguson wanted opposition research on a student. Simon Maloy on the staggering corruption of Dinesh D’Souza’s pardon. With his pardons, Trump is turning tool of mercy into sword of retribution. Why are my fellow whites still so awful at naming children?

A previously unthinkable US and EU trade war has begun. Oh, what a stupid trade war. EU has political trump card in trade conflict. Zeeshan Aleem on the looming US-China trade war, explained: What happens if the world’s two largest economies can’t agree on what counts as fair trade? Trump is breaking the WTO — will China want to save it? Gorkem Celik on trade wars and prisoners’ dilemma. Ari Afilalo and Dennis Patterson (Rutgers): Global Economic Constitutionalism and the Future of Global Trade. Vindication and a change of heart for a veteran contrarian who saw it coming: Krzysztof Pelc reviews Straight Talk on Trade: Ideas for a Sane World Economy by Dani Rodrik.

The podcast that explains Trump’s America: Welcome to ‘Bundyville,’ home to sovereign citizen activists and the corroded mystique of American Western individualism. Grifters all the way down: Donald Trump’s pardon of Dinesh D’Souza says everything you need to know about the Republican Party and its intellectual underpinnings. Under Trump, Republicans have become the party of no ideas. The right-wing millennial machine: Conservatives are building an army of fired-up young people — by offering them salaries. How the Republican Party eats itself, but stays alive. Don’t count on people knowing how badly the Trump administration is ripping them of.

In 2018, the Tea Party is all in for Trump — and it’s making mainstream Republicans nervous. “Reasonable” Republicans are, unfortunately, incoherent. Thread: “the problem with empowering the never trumpers, aside from the fact that they're bad people, is that they don't actually disagree with trump about anything”. Don’t make Bill Kristol run for president. Nancy LeTourneau on Sen. Tom Cotton, the most dangerous up-and-coming Republican. The Trump coalition is the future of the GOP. Is President Trump a conservative? Corey Robin tells Chris Hayes if you trace conservatism back to its origins, Trump makes perfect sense. Trump isn’t an aberration of the conservative movement.

Studies: Democratic politicians represent middle-class voters — GOP politicians don’t. Jeet Heer on a party for women, and a party for (white) men. Fewer Republicans (and more Democrats) think moral leadership is important from the President. What it takes for Democrats to persuade a Republican voter. Yes, liberals can be condescending — Trump is still conservatives’ fault. Why I hold Trump voters accountable for the mess we’re in.

“Trump is incorrigibly authoritarian, and the conservative habit of analyzing this conflict as if Trump is not bent on corrupting law enforcement into an authoritarian tool is a way of avoiding the central issue”. I hope very much the Republican Party is destroying itself — if it isn’t, we are in big trouble. Here is a timeline of the Republican Party.