Will Davies (Goldsmiths): Is Neoliberalism Still Going According to Plan? Anne McGuire (Toronto): De-regulating Disorder: On the Rise of the Spectrum as a Neoliberal Metric of Human Value. Marek Tesar (Auckland) and Michael Peters (Waikato): Philosophy and Performance of Neoliberal Ideologies: History, Politics and Human Subjects. Stuart Jeffries reviews Psychopolitics: Neoliberalism and New Technologies of Power by Byung-Chul Han. From Dissent, a forum on debating the uses and abuses of “neoliberalism”. Simon Wren-Lewis on the fatal inconsistency within neoliberalism. “Who is not a neoliberal today?”: Jacob Hamburger interviews Wendy Brown, author of Undoing the Demos.

Jon Kofas (Indiana): Neoliberal Totalitarianism and the Social Contract. Miguel Vatter (Flinders): Neoliberalism and Republicanism: Economic Rule of Law and Law as Concrete Order (Nomos). Sarah Brouillette (Carleton): Neoliberalism and the Demise of the Literary. Sung-Yueh Perng (Maynooth): Shared Technology Making in Neoliberal Ruins: Rationalities, Practices and Possibilities of Hackathons. Samuel Knafo, Richard Lane and Steffan Wyn-Jones (Sussex) and Sahil Jai Dutta (Warwick): The Managerial Lineages of Neoliberalism. Dani Rodrik on taking a crack at neoliberalism. Kirsten Tambling on the neoliberal heart of the 90s romcom. Quinn Slobodian on neoliberalism’s populist bastards.

Fabian Cannizzo (RMIT): Tactical Evaluations: Everyday Neoliberalism in Academia. Tim Di Muzio (Wollongong): Disciplinary Neoliberalism, the Tyranny of Debt and the 1 Percent. Samir Gandesha (Simon Fraser): “Identifying with the Aggressor”: From the Authoritarian to Neoliberal Personality. Under neoliberalism, you can be your own tyrannical boss. Liat Spiro interviews Quinn Slobodian, author of Globalists: The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism (and more). Is neoliberalism even a thing? David Glasner on neo- and other liberalisms. Nathan Robinson on how neoliberalism worms its way into your brain.

The introduction to Economic and Social Rights in a Neoliberal World, ed. Gillian MacNaughton and Diane F. Frey. Phil Armstrong reviews Reclaiming the State: A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World by William Mitchell and Thomas Fazi. Luke Winkie on the sad saps of neoliberal Reddit trying to make globalism cool again.

The Supreme Court just quietly handed a big victory to abortion opponents. The Iowa governor just signed the nation’s most extreme abortion ban into law. How Trump helped inspire a wave of strict new abortion laws. Trump is already the anti-abortion movement’s best president ever. Evangelicals have displaced Catholics as the anti-abortion movement’s base. What would a post–Roe v. Wade America look like? Haley Britzky on the states where abortion clinics are in short supply. Trump is expected to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood. Katie Heany on what cutting federal funding for abortion providers really means.

Keith Ellison was right: “It’s a fact that inequality is a disaster for women’s health. And given that the Republican agenda only serves to perpetuate inequality even further, it’s far from out of line to say that when Republicans have power, more women die”.

Cristina Bicchieri and Eugen Dimant (Penn): It’s Not A Lie If You Believe It: Lying Under Norm Uncertainty. Dylan Trigg (UCD): Place and Non-place: A Phenomenological Perspective. A major physics experiment just detected a particle that shouldn’t exist. Trump’s trade policy is stuck in the ’80s — the 1680s. Trade sanctions against America won’t work — sanctioning Trump himself might. Euro-skeptic Italian populists are posing a serious threat to the European Union. Trump’s right hand man in Europe wants to “empower” European anti-establishment conservatives. Fashion’s woman problem: Why is it that an industry aimed at women and buoyed by female dollars is still run mostly by men? Closer to beast than angel: Frans de Waal reviews Cognitive Gadgets: The Cultural Evolution of Thinking by Cecilia Heyes.

Jose Atiles-Osoria (Coimbra): State of Exception as Economic Policy: A Socio-Legal Analysis of the Puerto Rican Colonial Case. San Juan mayor warns of the “disaster economics” devastating Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans call out “disaster capitalists” taking advantage of their suffering. Art museums in Puerto Rico face long and expensive recovery. Incredible new NASA images show Puerto Rico’s forests still scarred from Hurricane Maria. Meet the couple bringing Earthships to hurricane-hit Puerto Rico. Stunning new Hurricane Maria death toll confirms Puerto Rico’s devastating losses after the storm. The new estimate of deaths in Puerto Rico reflects a broader and shameful neglect.

Trump is tightening his grip around the neck of the Justice Department. Trump is probing the constitution for weaknesses, and finding them. Trump versus law enforcement: A confrontation with no precedent. Can the rule of law survive Trump? From Lawfare, David Kris on the Trump legal team’s remarkable letter to Mueller; and Bob Bauer on pardons, obstruction of justice and the rule of law in the demagogic presidency. The constitutional crisis is already underway. Trump’s memo response to Mueller’s interview subpoena is tyrannical. Giuliani’s new tactic: Arguing Trump can literally get away with murder. Why Trump hasn’t tried to pardon his way out of the Mueller probe — yet. Of course Trump will pardon himself.