Abbe R. Gluck (Yale) and Nicole Huberfeld (BU): What is Federalism in Health Care for? Scott Greer (Michigan): Post-compromise Democrats, Medicare for All, and the Possible Futures of American Health Policy. Voters who like “Medicare for All” may not support single payer. Paul S. Hewitt and Phillip Longman on the case for single-price health care: We could largely solve the cost crisis simply by making Medicare prices universal. Health insurers are “very mindful” of brewing single-payer battle. Medicaid expansion is the key to a progressive revival. Molly Osberg on how people die in America. Paul Krugman on America’s dismal turning point: A lot of things went wrong starting around 1980. Alone in America: Nobody is immune to our epidemic of separation and despair.

Jan Kofron (Charles): Shattered Spaces of Political Geography. From Babylonia Journal, a coffee with Jacques Ranciere beneath the Acropolis. Bob Bauer on Giuliani’s hypothetical of a murder in the Oval Office. Miss America is getting rid of the swimsuit competition — it’s a start. Jonathan Chait: “You can tell how innocent Roger Stone is by the sheer number of epithets he uses in this rant against me”. What hurts a political opponent in the age of Trump? German politicians call on US to withdraw ambassador. EU trade chief marshals leading world economies against Trump. Mavis Biss on our broken trust in public space. The first chapter from Hegel’s Social Ethics: Religion, Conflict, and Rituals of Reconciliation by Molly Farneth.

From Mother Jones, David Corn on how Donald Trump is getting away with the biggest scandal in American history. Why Trump can’t get a Saturday Night Massacre rolling. Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre has already begun. Trump has access to everything a dictator could want. Paul Joosse (Hong Kong): Countering Trump: Toward a Theory of Charismatic Counter-Roles. Trump’s power isn’t fear — it’s fatigue. Trump’s lying seems to be getting worse — psychology suggests there’s a reason why. Why do all these criminals keep gathering around Trump? Trump is an objectively loathsome human being, who has no redeeming qualities — the question is, in what ways does this matter? The antidote to Trump is decency.

Trump’s spent far more going to Mar-a-Lago alone than the Mueller probe has cost (and more). People around the world are rising up against corruption — how long can Trump remain immune? From Nixon to Trump: The metastases of Trumpian cultural power are likely to lead to greater and greater malignancy. The Trump era can’t end soon enough.