From the Journal of Economic Perspectives, a symposium on Housing. The great housing reset: The rise of renting in the U.S. isn’t just about high housing prices, or preferences for city living, but about the flexibility to compete in today’s economy. You’re not a progressive if you’re also a NIMBY: Robert Gammon on why housing is a liberal imperative. A tangle for the anti-development left: Benjamin Ross on how housing debates have long been a mess of ideological contradictions. Bryce Covert on the deep, uniquely American roots of our affordable-housing crisis. Why isn’t homelessness seen as a national crisis?

Indrek Reiland (Barcelona): Constitutive Rules: Games, Language, and Assertion. From Review of Contemporary Philosophy, thinking in action: Alina N. Feld interviews Richard Kearney. Trump is choosing Eastern Europe: The real meaning of the mini-crises sparked by his ambassador to Germany. Helaine Olen on why Howard Schultz shouldn’t run for president. Alice Johnson deserved a commutation — but the way Trump granted it is a disaster. Casey Michael on the puzzling prominence of the Twitter-famous Krassenstein brothers. Dennis Rodman could help avert nuclear annihilation. Jia Tolentino on the fiends and the folk heroes of grifter season. Corruption allegations against EPA’s Pruitt reach farcical level. The introduction to How to Think Like an Anthropologist by Matthew Engelke.

“He pretty much gave in to whatever they asked for”: Trump says he’s a master negotiator — those who’ve actually dealt with him beg to differ. The Trump campaign was all about making money. Inside the pro-Trump effort to keep black voters from the polls. Trump loves to fight — that’s why he won’t end his beef with the NFL. Brian Beuter on Roseanne and the grand Trump delusion. Trump’s latest FBI conspiracy theory is his craziest yet. Trump, Fox News, and Twitter have created a dangerous conspiracy theory loop. We are truly living through the amateur hour presidency. Trump wishes he could destroy Obama’s legacy — he hasn’t and won’t. The coup has already happened — so what are we going to do about it? United States v. Trump: How the president ends up at the Supreme Court — and how he might fare.