Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (Oxford): Kant on the Existence and Uniqueness of the Best Possible World. Ana Marta Gonzalez (Navarre): The Pending Revolution: Kant as a Moral Revolutionary. An interview with Michael Stevenson on Kant’s critical philosophy. Anil Gomes (Oxford): Kant, the Philosophy of Mind, and Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy. The introduction to On the Genealogy of Universals: The Metaphysical Origins of Analytic Philosophy by Fraser MacBride. Joel Isaac (Chicago): The Rise of Analytic Philosophy. Herman Cappelen reviews The Crisis of Method in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy by Avner Baz (and more). You can download Kant and the Foundations of Analytic Philosophy by Robert Hanna (2001).

Lavinia Marin (KU Leuven): Two Modes of Non-Thinking: On the Dialectic Stupidity-Thinking and the Public Duty to Think. John McLeod (Leeds): Postcolonial Studies and the Ethics of the Quarrel. Trump’s Justice Department finally did something so lawless that even GOP leaders are recoiling. Trump appointee compiles loyalty list of U.S. employees at U.N., State. Macedonia and Greece fail to resolve bitter naming dispute. Queers, zombies, and institutions: Aaron Neber reviews Queer Apocalypses: Elements of Antisocial Theory by Lorenzo Bernini. Is Michael Cohen cutting a deal or just broke? Workers at Google just scored an impressive victory against US militarism. How a letter defending Avital Ronell sparked confusion and condemnation (and more).

These are the questions foreign-policy experts are asking about the Trump-Kim summit. What does the Trump-Kim summit mean? Not a damn thing. Trump’s deal with Kim Jong-un is a con job, and you’re the mark. The big winner of the Trump-Kim summit? China. In Kim’s attempt to unleash the economy and hold on to his dictatorship, he seems to be taking a lesson from China’s Communist Party: change, or die. Trump’s North Korean propaganda reveals his contempt for democracy. “There is a tweet for every occasion”.

Jeff Sessions just announced a massive shift in asylum protections for victims of gang and domestic violence (and more and more and more). Trump’s immigration policies are not only racist, they’re sexist. Jessica Winter on how the language of the Trump Administration is the language of domestic violence. The Trump administration’s separation of families at the border, explained. People are dying because of the Trump administration’s immigration policy. How the Trump administration got comfortable separating immigrant kids from their parents. Cruelty is Trump’s only immigration policy: The president is inflicting harm for the sake of inflicting harm. George Packer on Dr. Ruth, Dr. Kissinger, and Trump’s cruelty to families.

Julissa Arce on Donald Trump's anti-immigrant army. The new US policy of separating immigrant children from their parents has chilling historical echoes. Trumpism before Trump: We can’t fully appreciate the current anti-immigration moment without understanding the decades-long investment by right-wing movement politics. First they came for the migrants: Authoritarianism can happen here — for some, it already has. We are the baddies: This era is given to hyperbole, but what’s happening in immigration is a form of fascism, or if you prefer, a form of domestic terrorism dictated by the state.