Tarunabh Khaitan (Oxford) and Jane Calderwood Norton (Auckland): The Place of Religion in Human Rights Law: Distinguishing Freedom of Religion from the Right Against Religious Discrimination. Rebecca M. Bratspies (CUNY): The Climate for Human Rights. I. Glenn Cohen (Harvard): On the Human Right to Health: Statistical Lives, Contingent Persons, and Other Difficult Questions. Jose E. Alvarez (NYU): The Human Right of Property. Yvonne M. Vissing on what the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child offers students. The UK makes history on human rights. US quits UN Human Rights council: What message does it send to the world? (and more)

Seth Lazar (ANU): Just War Theory: Revisionists vs Traditionalists; and Evaluating the Revisionist Critique of Just War Theory. Eduardo Rivera-Lopez (Torcuato Di Tella): The Limited (but Relevant) Role of the Doctrine of the Double Effect in the Just War Theory. Anne Schwenkenbecher (Murdoch): Terrorism, Jus Post Bellum and the Prospect of Peace. Fatma Tasdemir and Gokhan Albayrak (Gazi): The Law of Cyber Warfare in Terms of Jus Ad Bellum and Jus in Bello: Application of International Law to the Unknown? Christopher J. Finlay (Durham): Just War, Cyber War, and the Concept of Violence.

Christian Barry (ANU) and Lars Christie (Oslo): The Moral Equality of Combatants. Victor Tadros (Warwick): The Moral Distinction Between Combatants and Noncombatants: Vulnerable and Defenceless. The soldier in battle is confronted with agonising, even impossible, ethical decisions — could studying philosophy help?

Jorge Nunez (Manchester): Sovereignty, Facts and Norms. Turkish opposition hopes 4 parties are mightier than 1 against Erdogan. Is African football talent finally coming back to Africa? Hazem Zohny on the utilitarian’s guide to the FIFA World Cup. The Supreme Court isn’t done with gerrymandering yet. Now it’s up to voters to stop gerrymandering. Kim Jong Un more popular than Pelosi among Republicans. Sarah Horowitz on why 2018 is awash in conspiracies and scandals. Can Scott and Marlyn Pruitt have it all? After identity: Richard Marshall interviews Georgia Warnke on questions of interpretation. The next plague is coming — is America ready? An excerpt from Cannabis in the Ancient Greek and Roman World by Alan Sumler.

Quinta Jurecic on a choice between cruelty and mercy: A 2,500-year-old play illustrates the emptiness of the administration’s arguments about enforcing the law. Carrie Cordero on legal considerations for separating families at the border. Child migrants have been coming to America alone since Ellis Island — and no, we didn’t just send them packing. Charles Blow on Trump and the baby snatchers. Michelle Goldberg on the Trump apologists and the crying children. “Essentially summer camps”: How the Right is defending family separations. Trump keeps telling us there’s a crisis at the border — the numbers say that’s not true. Dylan Matthews on Donald Trump, the family separation crisis, and the triumph of cruelty. The limits of Trump’s cruelty are only just being tested.

The real reason we’re locking children in cages: We don’t think nonwhite children deserve the same protections as “innocent” white ones. German Lopez on the research on race that helps explain Trump’s use of family separation at the border. Jeff Sessions clarifies that the Trump administration is early Nazi, not late Nazi. Jeff Sessions tries to beat back Nazi comparisons, gets literally everything wrong. “Infest”: Aviya Kushner on the ugly Nazi history of Trump’s chosen verb about immigrants. If only we could keep the hard-working Latin American newcomers and deport the contemptible Republican cowards — that would truly enhance America’s greatness.

Stephen Miller believes in controversy as political strategy, even if it means jailing children. The outrage over family separation is exactly what Stephen Miller wants. Nancy LeTourneau on the malevolence and incompetence of the family separation policy. Dara Lind on how asylum officers are being told to implement Sessions’s new rules. The trauma of helping asylum-seekers: U.S. asylum policies inflict deep pain, not only on those facing deportation but also on those who do the legal aid work to help them stay.

The making of an online moral crisis: How the many-chambered heart of the Internet turned the Trump administration’s family-separation policy into a different kind of scandal. Things you can do beyond calling your congressperson: If you are outraged by Trump’s immigration policies, there are further ways to take action.

From Congressional Research Service, a report on Canada-U.S. Relations. There’s something fishy about U.S.-Canada trade wars. Why Justin Trudeau is able to stand up to Donald Trump. The politics of selfies: Herve Viens on Trudeaumania and the political spectacle. Could there be a Canadian Trump? Saif Alnuweiri reviews Could It Happen Here: Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit by Michael Adams. Worried by rise of far-right groups, Canada puts millions into anti-racism effort. Can we maintain a common Canadian decency? Justin Massie (UQAM) and Srdjan Vucetic (Ottawa): Canadian Strategic Culture from Confederation to Trump.