From Public Seminar, Sarah Sklaw on the pathology of zero tolerance: Trump administration and its treatment of immigrants. Immigration agents X-raying migrants to determine age isn’t just illegal, it’s a misuse of science. Matt Ford on the immigration forces beyond Trump’s control. Karla Cornejo Villavicencio: “Among young Latinx immigrants, after the Trump comments went viral, there was some radical reclaiming of the word ‘animal’ that piqued my interest”. The anti-immigration Bible: The problem with using the Bible to guide immigration policy is that the notion of “illegal immigrant” is a decidedly recent invention.

Jonathan Chait on the genesis of Trump’s family-separation policy. Trump doesn’t need to put families in detention centers to enforce his immigration policy — there are better options. White House aide Stephen Miller targeted in backlash over family separations. The absurdity of Kirstjen Nielsen and Stephen Miller eating at Mexican restaurants during an immigration crisis. The fight over family separations proved how broken Trump’s America really is. Chris Hayes: “Since I’m seeing a bunch of zombie takes about ‘How To Solve The Politics of Immigration’ today, a brief thread on my experience covering this issue the last 13 years”.

The pernicious myth of “open borders”: Trump is obsessed with a wild mischaracterization of the status quo that fuels extremism. Trump’s opponents aren’t arguing for “open borders” — but maybe they should. “Occupy ICE” protests emerge across the country. “Abolish ICE”, explained: The Left’s rallying cry is a repudiation of Trump’s immigration policy — and a challenge to Democrats. Democrats may be walking into an immigration trap.

In America, naturalized citizens no longer have an assumption of permanence. Trump advocates depriving undocumented immigrants of due-process rights. “If Trump can deny due process to those allegedly here unlawfully, ICE can grab YOU, allege you aren’t a citizen & deport you w/out a hearing” (and more).

Contesting Jerome S. Handler (Virginia) and Matthew C. Reilly (Brown): “White Slavery” in the Caribbean: Enslaved Africans and European Indentured Servants in Seventeenth-Century Barbados. Richard Price (William & Mary): Maroons and their Communities in the Americas. Celucien Joseph (IRSC): Towards a Caribbean Political Theology of Emancipation and Decolonization: A Comparative Analysis of Four Caribbean Theologians. Richard Albert (BC): Constitutional Reform in the Caribbean. Carla Guerron Montero (Delaware): A Critical Look at the State of Tourism Studies in Anthropology in Latin America and the Caribbean. Monique Roffey on a win against homophobia in the Caribbean. You can download Island Societies: Protest and Cultural Resistance from Below by Robin Cohen.

Hilda Llorens, Carlos G. Garcia-Quijano (URI), and Isar P. Godreau (UPR-Cayey): Racismo en Puerto Rico: Surveying Perceptions of Racism. Death by charity: Ajay Orona reviews Maps Are Lines We Draw: A Road Trip Through Haiti by Allison Coffelt. Why African-American doctors are choosing to study medicine in Cuba. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Economic and Fiscal Conditions in the U.S. Virgin Islands. From Caribbean Syllabus, a report on Life and Debt in the Caribbean. The introduction to Euro-Caribbean Societies in the 21st Century: Offshore Finance, Local Elites and Contentious Politics, ed. Sebastien Chauvin, Peter Clegg, and Bruno Cousin.

Mary Ellen O’Connell (Notre Dame): The Popular But Unlawful Armed Reprisal. Mohammad Iqbal (RMIT): Migration Crisis Deepens in the Indian State of Assam: Is Another Myanmar Style “Ethnic Cleansing” Imminent? Trump wants to drastically alter the education department — here’s what you need to know (and more). Hungary just passed a “Stop Soros” law that makes it illegal to help undocumented migrants. The globalist: Daniel Bessner on George Soros after the open society. Has the New America Foundation lost its way? A scandal over the encroachment of big business triggered a debate over the identity of a prestigious Washington think tank. Erdogan wins reelection, consolidating his already vast power. Must Catholics hate Hegel?

From Politico, Derek Robertson on Washington, D.C., the psychopath capital of America. Republican sadism: Conservatives no longer stand athwart history yelling stop — they seek to inflict pain, for pleasure. The Trumps don’t care: The president can’t see the cruelty of his immigration policy — it’s not clear the first lady can, either. I really don’t care about Trump’s cruelty, do u? Anne Applebaum on the dark history behind Trump’s inflammatory language. The new rightwing comeback is, oooh so you think this is Nazi stuff huh, well then why don’t you go all White Rose and get executed to prove it? Do we need to update Godwin’s Law about the probability of comparison to Nazis? As critics assail Trump, his supporters dig in deeper. This nation is beginning to realize the full extent of what it did to itself in November 2016.

How civil should we be in the face of institutionalized hatred? Sarah Sanders is upset a restaurant wouldn’t serve her — she’s OK with it happening to gays. To what level of horror does this government have to arise in order for even the smallest act of resistance to be justified? Young Trump staffers are complaining they can't date in DC because everyone hates them. Trumpists are suffering the free market consequences of being deplorable. Thread: “The Very Serious People who serve as tone police in DC need to decide what they value more: democracy or civility. Because we’re just sliding, sliding, sliding down this slope, pretending all the while that things are still Normal”.

Keith J. Bybee (Syracuse): The Rise of Trump and the Death of Civility. From The Review of Politics, a symposium on Mere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration by Teresa M. Bejan.

Keith N. Hylton (BU): Oligopoly Pricing and Richard Posner. Robert C Farrell (Quinnipiac): Richard Posner: A Class of One. Richard Posner, leader of a legal revolution: No one comes close to the retired federal judge in terms of influence on contemporary law. An exit interview with Richard Posner, judicial provocateur. Allen Mendenhall reviews The Federal Judiciary: Strengths and Weaknesses by Richard Posner. Katherine Macfarlane reviews Reforming the Federal Judiciary: My Former Court Needs to Overhaul Its Staff Attorney Program and Begin Televising Its Oral Arguments by Richard Posner.