Allyson Hobbs and Ana Raquel Minian on a firsthand look at the horrors of immigration detention — a practice so cruel that the United States ended it for a quarter-century. “No one will believe baboon complaints”: Racist abuse in immigration detention on the rise in Trump era, report says. Renee Romano on the trauma of internment: What lies ahead for the children in detention. Family reunification has long been a cornerstone of U.S. immigration policy. Separated immigrant children are all over the U.S. now, far from parents who don’t know where they are. Trump will reunite separated families — but only if they agree to deportation.

The Trump administration’s family values: The policy of separating children from their parents at the southern border was the purest distillation yet of what it means to be governed by a president with no moral center. Americans love families, American policies don’t: Falling short of other countries, from the left and the right, in meeting real needs.

Trump: Obama was for “open borders” — also, his immigration policies were the same as mine. Most immigrants who enter the country do so legally, federal data shows. ICE is a tool of illegality — it must be abolished. The ideological limits of asylum: We must grant refuge to migrants fleeing poverty and violence and increase the free movement of all people — but we can’t forget that the conditions Central American migrants are fleeing stem directly from US intervention in the region. Current Affairs helps you navigate through the asylum process.

Motsamai Molefe (Witwatersrand): A Defence of Moderate Communitarianism: A Place of Rights in African Moral-Political Thought. Suren Pillay (Western Cape): Thinking the State from Africa: Political Theory, Eurocentrism and Concrete Politics. Katrin Flikschuh on what you should know about contemporary African philosophy: Debates over the cultural roots of philosophical concepts challenge the Western canon. “African philosophy is starting from scratch”: Richard Marshall interviews Ada Agada, author of Existence and Consolation: Reinventing Ontology, Gnosis and Values in African Philosophy. Ross Truscott and Maurits Van Bever Donker (Western Cape): What is the University in Africa for? Lewis Gordon on the African decolonial thought of Oyeronke Oyewumi. Mukoma Wa Ngugi on what Decolonizing the Mind means today.

Paul Joosse (Hong Kong): Max Weber’s Disciples: Theorizing the Charismatic Aristocracy. C. Heike Schotten (UMass): To Exist is to Resist: Palestine and the Question of Queer Theory. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on hemp as an agricultural commodity. The ignorant do not have a right to an audience: We could take a big step forward by distinguishing free speech from just access to the media. Top House Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley just lost his primary — to a socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (and more and more and more). U.S. cruises toward record-breaking debt on Trump’s watch. Slavoj Zizek on why he signed the letter in support of Avital Ronell: “Although the majority of academia opposes Trump and the alt-right, they are clearly the two sides of the same coin”.

Does incivility hurt democracy? Here’s what political science can tell us. Adam Gopnik on Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Red Hen Restaurant, and who deserves a place at the table. Blacklist every last one of them. Chasing White House officials out of restaurants is the right thing to do. Maxine Waters reads list of times Trump has called for violence. The party of Donald Trump has the gall to complain that someone else is being uncivil. In MLK’s day, conservatives didn’t think he was so “civil”. The activist Left doesn’t give a shit about your calls for civility. After a ridiculous days-long bad-faith debate on civility, can the press manage to learn self-respect? Everyone knows Trump supporters don’t care about decorum. Nancy LeTourneau on when normal is no longer an option.

The Supreme Court upheld Trump’s travel ban by pretending Trump isn’t the president. Scott Lemieux on the Supreme Court’s disgraceful decision on Trump’s travel ban. The travel ban decision echoes some of the worst Supreme Court decisions in history. It’s Donald Trump’s Supreme Court now. McConnell is a fraud: The Senate Majority Leader once warned about Trump’s Muslim ban — now he’s gloating about it. In hindsight, Democrats really mishandled that Merrick Garland thing. Chief Justice Roberts just proved why the courts won’t save us from Trump. Democrats must stop pretending the Supreme Court is apolitical: The party has largely avoided talking about the radical nature of the Roberts Court. Don’t count on history to judge wisely.

Thead: “In the last few weeks, this court has gone out of its way to condemn even a hint of bias against a Christian who refused to serve a gay couple, while going even further out of its way to ignore bias against African Americans, Latinos, and Muslims”.

James Allan (Queensland): Democracy, Liberalism and Brexit. David Runciman reviews How to Stop Brexit (and Make Britain Great Again) by Nick Clegg. UK may not actually exit the EU, warn political sources. Can history help? Linda Colley on a somewhat different perspective on Brexit. How the rich took hold of our monetary systems to make themselves richer: David Beer reviews The Production of Money: How to Break the Power of Bankers by Ann Pettifor. In Britain, austerity is changing everything: After eight years of budget cutting, Britain is looking less like the rest of Europe and more like the United States, with a shrinking welfare state and spreading poverty. Susan Pedersen reviews Bread for All: The Origins of the Welfare State by Chris Renwick.