DSA shows their muscle in New York congressional upset. Sean Hannity accidentally made a great argument for socialism. Democratic Socialists of America membership surges after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stunning victory. Michael Kinnucan on explaining Ocasio-Cortez. There’s an easy answer to why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won: Socialism. Democrats have run from “socialism” — while embracing socialist policies. YOYOs, WITTs and socialists: The Democratic Socialists are trying to send a vital message — we’re in this together. Yes, there can be a tea party of the Left, but here’s what’s different. The millennial socialists are coming.

“Dear Democratic Socialists Who Think You’re Having a Moment: It’s Me, a Libertarian Who’s Been Through This”.

Frank Peter (HBKU): French Secularism and Islam Beyond an Orderly Vision of Politics. Mohamed Abdelaal (Alexandria): Extreme Secularism vs. Religious Radicalism: The Case of the French Burkini. Karina Piser goes inside France’s growing identity war: In the ongoing headscarf fracas, many hardliners are in fact leftists. Stephane Mechoulan (Dalhousie): The Case against the Face-Veil: A European Perspective. The Netherlands just passed a law banning face veils in public buildings. Denmark passes law banning burqa and niqab. In Denmark, harsh new laws for immigrant “ghettos”. The rise of Islamophobia in Europe is being normalised by intellectuals — but they are pushing at an already open door.

To fix Islamophobia, we must first define it. You can download The Muslim Question in Europe: Political Controversies and Public Philosophies by Peter O'Brien (2016).

James Patin (Clark): Re-Imagining the Labor Movement as a Social Movement. Nikos Benosa (Ioannina) and and Pantelis Kammas (AUEB): Workers of the World Unite (or Not?): The Effect of Ethnic Diversity on the Participation in Trade Unions. Meet the coalition building a global union movement against capitalism. Consider the flight attendant:Why the JetBlue rank-and-file are pushing to unionize. The Pinkertons still never sleep: The notorious union-busting agency has resurfaced in a telecommunications labor dispute, revealing how it has adapted to the 21st century. Elizabeth Tandy Shermer on how the right to work really means the right to work for less. Want to empower women of color? Support unions.

Manoj Dias-Abey (Queen’s): Justice on Our Fields: Can “Alt-Labor” Organizations Improve Migrant Farm Workers’ Conditions? Unions are not a special interest group. It’s time to acknowledge that strikes work. Unions did great things for the working class: Strengthening them could blunt inequality and wage stagnation. Code Red: Alex Press on organizing the tech sector. Study: Yep, unions made America great. There is power in a union: A new study overturns economic orthodoxy and shows that unions reduce inequality. The emerging plan to save the American labor movement: The Trump era has sparked some of the most creative thinking in labor in years.

Can the alt-Labor movement improve conditions for American workers? Dwyer Gunnar interviews Janice Fine. Workers don’t have much say in corporations — why not give them seats on the board? David Webber on his book The Rise of the Working-Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon. What if the absence of strong unions is at the heart of much of what has gone wrong? Stepping into the void: Pranab Bardhan on a new agenda for global labor. Supreme Court defeat for unions upends a liberal money base. Is capital or labor winning at your favorite company? Introducing the Marx Ratio.

Everyone needs the right to sue their employer: When contracts require arbitration and prevent employees from filing class action suits, companies won’t be deterred from abusing their workers. The sinister history underlying Neil Gorsuch’s decision lashing out at American workers. Nathan J. Robinson on how expanding the right to contract can limit rights. America is a spiraling corporate contract dystopia. Epic Systems v. the workforce: There are ways to counter the erosion of employee rights.

Brian Soucek (UC-Davis): Queering Sexual Harassment Law. Nancy Bauer, Alice Crary and Sandra Laugier on Stanley Cavell and the American contradiction. Andrew Potter on self help for partisans. How to do things without words: Jeremy Bendik-Keymer on silence as the power of accountability. Martha Pskowski on the radical amnesty plan of Mexico’s next president. Michael Cohen apparent flip is extremely bad news for Trump. Is our love for someone just a psychological attitude, along with desires and preferences that drive action, or is it a response elicited by something out there in the world, along with sense perception? Many Americans think they’ll never receive Social Security benefits — that’s wrong.

Summer of rage: White men are the minority in the United States — no wonder they get uncomfortable when their power is challenged. Trump’s rage junkies: Trump is like a drug dealer who has addicted his followers to fear and rage and keeps supplying it in constant doses. “I think we’re at the beginning of a soft civil war”: Francis Wilkinson on what Democratic rage would look like. Who gets permission to be angry in America? All of the sudden we’re hearing lectures on civility and warnings about how anger is divisive. “Her social life revolves around political organizing, which is what makes that organizing sustainable amid the outrage fatigue of Trump’s presidency”: Women might save America yet.

“Being angry all the time is exhausting and corrosive. Not being angry feels morally irresponsible”.

Li Zhou interviews 10 legal experts on the future of Roe v. Wade after Kennedy. Yes, conservatives will try to undo Roe v. Wade — the only question is how. Quinta Jurecic on the travel ban decision and the ghost of Korematsu. The Supreme Court looks away: With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, the willingness of the Supreme Court to support the powerless against the powerful seems to be in even greater doubt. Remember: The Supreme Court is on the ballot in every federal election. Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick can be blocked. Court-packing, Democrats’ nuclear option for the Supreme Court, explained. How to end the judicial confirmation wars: Political norms surrounding the courts are broken, but new rules could restore balance to the process.

Welcome to Florida’s political Tomorrowland: Republicans’ political future looks a lot like this vibrant, fast-growing, Trump-friendly retirement community outside of Orlando. As Trump jails little children, House Republicans intensify their probe of Hillary Clinton. Steve King is a racist, and conservatives don’t want to talk about it. The Devil and Tom Donohue: Conservatives made an evil bargain, and evil is collecting its debts. Evangelical Christians are now backing an actual pimp in a Nevada election. Rubio explains why Republicans will never criticize Trump. The GOP is Trump’s personality cult — could Democrats do the same?