From Diametros, a special section on Defining Death: Beyond Biology. What does it mean to die? When Jahi McMath was declared brain-dead by the hospital, her family disagreed — her case challenges the very nature of existence. Heine A. Holmen (Tromso): Why Die: A Philosophical Apology of Death. Budic Marina (Belgrade): Suicide, Euthanasia and the Duty to Die: A Kantian Approach to Euthanasia. Jessica Weisberg on Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, death’s best friend. Marko Kovic, Adrian Rauchfleisch, and Christian Caspar (ZIPAR): Killing Death: Some Implications of Extending Human Lifespan Indefinitely. Controversial study suggests there’s no limit to human aging.

Michael Kraig on why China doesn’t want a denuclearized North Korea: For reasons of Northeast Asian geopolitics, it will be very hard for the North to completely give up all nuclear and missile capacities. by How Trump went from “fire and fury” to dismissing North Korean nuclear advances. Duyeon Kim on Kim Jong-un’s long game. Kim Jong Un has played Trump like a Stradivarius. Thread: “On the heels of Pompeo’s disastrous trip to North Korea, Trump took to Twitter today to insist Kim Jong Un signed a ‘contract’ to denuclearize & to blame China for any apparent NKorean backsliding. Here are some thoughts on where things stand”.

John Witte (Emory): Why No Polygamy. Texas property owners getting notices from Trump admin about surveying land for border wall. Ethiopia and Eritrea declare war “has come to an end”. The UK’s Brexit crisis, explained in 500 words. Zan Romanoff on a journey into the dark heart of celebrity relationship conspiracy theories. The Trump administration freeze on Obamacare’s risk adjustment payments, explained (and more). Why is America’s leading liberal magazine publishing its pieces with a Russian propaganda outlet? Glenn Greenwald tells Russians liberals are blaming them as excuse for Clinton. Katherine Cross on the dark side of “Plane Bae” and turning strangers into social media content. We are all public figures now.

When Donald meets Vladimir: Arshad Mohammed and Jeff Mason on the neophyte and the black belt. This is how Russia could test NATO, warns former US Army Europe commander. Trump is itching for a fight at NATO. Will Trump destroy NATO and every other American alliance? Trump poised to enter NATO meeting as wild card among allies. How is NATO funded, and why is President Trump trying to destroy it? Letting Europe go its own way: Sven Biscop on the case for strategic autonomy.

Dan Ciuriak (CIGI): America Unbound: The New New World Order in Trade? Brad W. Setser on U.S.-China trade war: How we got here. Why Trump might lose his trade war with China. How to lose a trade war: Trump’s tariffs are designed to inflict maximum damage on the U.S. economy (and more). Making America unemployed again: Trump’s global trade war is escalating and could cost thousands of American jobs. Trump’s big trade war bluff: When the president threatens to blow up the global economy, he is really playing to a domestic audience.

From Democracy Journal, a special section on trade and economic policy. Progressives need to think much harder about international political economy in general, and trade in particular, than, say, engaging in knee-jerk support of protectionist measures.

Who is Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court? Here’s where Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh stands on abortion, executive power, and guns. Ian Millhiser on the man Trump picked to kill Roe v. Wade. From Vox, the key senators to watch for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation: Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski matter most; and Trump is starting to pressure red-state Democrats to support his Supreme Court pick. “Akil Ahmar wins this year’s Neal Katyal Award for meritorious service on behalf of contrarianism”. The Supreme Court vs. democracy: Even those most invested in the Court’s grandeur are finding it hard to defend its reality.

Jay Michaelson on the secrets of Leonard Leo, the man behind Trump’s Supreme Court pick. The guy behind Trump’s SCOTUS choices says no one knows if they’d overturn Roe v. Wade.