From ProPublica, Alec MacGillis on the great Republican crack-up: Dayton was once a bastion of the GOP establishment — the story of how the city changed helps explain the rise of Donald Trump. Nancy LeTourneau in how Republican extremism became normalized. As Trumpism takes hold, Republicans face increasing pressure to embrace policies they once opposed. Nancy LeTourneau on what some Republicans say behind closed doors. In secret recording, GOP candidate made candid comments about party primaries. Self-described Nazis and white supremacists are running as Republicans across the country — the GOP is terrified. White fight: Donald Trump is leading the Republican charge to preserve a shrinking white majority. Seth Masket on three ways of governing as a minority party (and more).

With the Court following Donald Trump down the path of racism, misogyny, nativism, and deepening inequality, it would appear that yet another pillar of American democracy has crumbled. Trump’s delusions are about to blow up in his own voters’ faces. Is America choosing decline? The numbers are complicated — but actively undermining the postwar order isn’t helping. America the Loser: Even if Democrats do manage to retake one or both houses of Congress this November, the damage that Trump and Republican leaders have done to the country’s global standing cannot be repaired.

Orly Lobel (USD): Coase and the Platform Economy (“This Chapter analyzes the ways in which digital platforms such as Uber and Airbnb are perfecting the deal and lowering transaction costs”). Frank A. Pasquale (Maryland): Tech Platforms and the Knowledge Problem. Delete your account: Leif Weather on the theory of platform capitalism. John M. Newman (Memphis): Silicon Valley Rhetoric: Three Myths Debunked. Google and Facebook’s “kill zone”: “We’ve taken the focus off of rewarding genius and innovation to rewarding capital and scale”. The prosperity of the US has always depended on its ability to harness economic growth to technology-driven innovation — but right now Big Tech is as much a part of the problem as it is a part of the solution.

Amy Adler and Jeanne C. Fromer (NYU): Taking Intellectual Property into Their Own Hands. Trump appears to be on the lookout for people he can pardon as a way of firing up his base (and more and more). A lesson from twelve boys trapped in a cave and their coach. Despite criminal scandal, Michael Flynn joins consulting firm. AMLO isn’t Mexico’s Trump — nor is he Trump’s natural enemy. In honor of Trump visit, Brits launch campaign to lift “American Idiot” to top of the charts. Turkey’s Erdogan sworn in with new powers, names son-in-law finance minister. Trump’s attack on breastfeeding was outrageous — but it’s normal for the U.S. to put corporate profits above babies’ health. Is Elon Musk serious?

You want to troll French fascists? Tell them the truth — the most French man in the world right now is a black kid called Kylian Mbappe. England’s World Cup team is the anti-Brexit. World Cup 2018: Christopher de Bellaigue on English romance. “If England get beaten, so will she”.

Why you should give a shit about NATO: Trump thinks NATO is “obsolete” — here’s why he’s wrong. Trump derides NATO as “obsolete” — Baltic nations see it much differently. “They will die in Tallinn”: Estonia girds for war with Russia. These surprising countries could emerge as the heroes of NATO — and the liberal world order. Even the best-case scenario for what Trump does at the NATO summit is pretty grim. Thread: “I don't think we are fully grappling with the possibility that we could be on the on the cusp of a completely new era, a fundamental reshaping of the international order. And I don’t mean over the course of the Trump Administration. I mean by next week”.

Trump is training his base to hate NATO and like Putin. In Trump’s Russia summit, Putin holds all the cards. Roger Cohen on the Finlandization of the United States (and more). No matter what happens in Helsinki, Putin has already won.

Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court’s shift to the right, cartoonsplained. Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination is the result of years of unopposed conservative organizing. Brett Kavanaugh and the fatal weakness of normcore politics: He’s a very normal Republican pick — that’s the problem. Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation is in the GOP’s hands: There are three Republican senators to watch — if they stay in line, nothing else matters. Eric Levitz on how Brett Kavanaugh’s qualifications don’t matter. After stealing SCOTUS seat, GOP blasts Dems for partisan opposition to Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh faces a tougher path to confirmation than Gorsuch — here’s why. If Democrats want to fight Brett Kavanaugh, they have a lot of ammunition (and more). Brian Beutler on Brett Kavanaugh’s Achilles heel. Brett Kavanaugh once argued that a sitting president is above the law — and that should be disqualifying (and more). A big question about Trump that Democrats must insist Kavanaugh answer.

Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh will deliver Republicans a majority on the Supreme Court — will he also prompt a reckoning among Democrats? The high-profile Supreme Court fight gives Democrats’ 2020 contenders a chance to make a mark. Don’t despair over the Supreme Court — get mad, then even (and more). Democrats must consider court-packing when they regain power — it’s the only way to save democracy.