Meet the Trumpverstehers: We know about the president’s most vocal supporters — but what about his more discreet following? How tycoon and Pence friend Forrest Lucas helped two ranchers get pardons. You have to understand that this is all an investment: The Republican party is, in essence, a firm wholly owned by and run for the benefit of the rich. “I think it’s more that Republicans have concluded that the best course of action, at all times, is to close ranks no matter what. If no Republican criticizes the offender, it is by definition a partisan he-said-she-said, and will fizzle. Any internal GOP criticism makes it real”. This is the world Mitch McConnell gave us.

House GOP refuses to renew election security funding as Democrats fume over Russian interference. Russiagate is far wider than Trump and his inner circle: It isn’t just the story of a few corrupt officials, or even a corrupt president — it’s the story of a corrupt Republican Party. Yes, normal Republican elites are a threat to democracy.

Dipesh Chakrabarty (Chicago): Anthropocene Time. Chris Cuomo (Georgia): The “Anthropocene”: Foregone or Premature Conclusion? Simon Dalby (Wilfrid Laurier): Anthropocene Geopolitics: Practicalities of the Geological Turn. Justin McBrien (Virginia): Accumulating Extinction: Planetary Catastrophism in the Necrocene. Tim Stephens (Sydney): The Antarctic Treaty System and the Anthropocene. Dan McQuillan (Goldsmiths): The Anthropocene, Resilience and Post-Colonial Computation. The Anthropocene feels different depending on where you are — too often, the “we” of the world is white and Western.

Hussein A H Omar (Oxford): Arabic Thought in the Liberal Cage. Arabic intellectual history between the postwar and the postcolonial: The introduction to Arabic Thought against the Authoritarian Age: Towards an Intellectual History of the Present, ed. Jens Hanssen and Max Weiss. Nourhan Tewfik reviews The Unmaking of the Arab Intellectual: Prophecy, Exile and the Nation by Zeina G.Halabi. Orly Minazad reviews Revolution for Dummies: Laughing Through the Arab Spring by Bassem Youssef. The introduction to The Arabic Freud: Psychoanalysis and Islam in Modern Egypt by Omnia El Shakry. Mohamed Ismail Sabry (Bremen City UAS): Fascism and Nasserism: Ideological Influence or Alternative Explanations? Scott McLemee reviews Ibn Khaldun: An Intellectual Biography by Robert Irwin.

Khaled Moustafa on promoting an academic culture in the Arab world. Hannah Johnson on publishing Arabic literature in translation: Specialists cite rising interest despite challenges. The rise and fall of Egyptian Arabic: Once the lingua franca of the Arab world, Egypt’s dialect is in decline along with the country’s cultural and political leadership.

Justina Diaz Legaspe (UNLP): Normalizing Slurs and Out-group Slurs: The Case of Referential Restriction. Alfredo Gonzalez-Ruibal, Pablo Alonso Gonzalez, and Felipe Criado-Boado (Incipit): Against Reactionary Populism: Towards a New Public Archaeology. The government is making it easier for “dark money” donors to go unnamed. Top voting machine vendor admits it installed remote-access software on systems sold to states. Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina was working to infiltrate Religious Right as well as gun groups. Trump doesn’t get why U.S. has to defend NATO allies (and more). Why the US is obligated to defend Montenegro. Sean Illing interviews Ellen Hendriksen, author of How to Be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety.

Andreas Musolff (East Anglia): Factual Narrative and Truth in Political Discourse. Sarah C. Haan (Washington and Lee): The Post-Truth First Amendment. RAND is studying “truth decay”, the diminishing role of facts and analysis in American public life. From Informal Logic, a special issue on Reason and Rhetoric in the Time of Alternative Facts, including Lars J. Kristiansen and Bernd Kaussler (James Madison): The Bullshit Doctrine: Fabrications, Lies, and Nonsense in the Age of Trump. Can truth survive this president? An honest investigation. It’s perfectly possible to live in a post-truth era. Propoganda isn’t about trying to fool you: Katherine Murray reviews Post-Truth by Lee McIntyre. Truth, disrupted: False news spreads online faster, farther, and deeper than truth does, but it can be contained — here’s how.

Walter Veit (Bayreuth): Procreative Beneficence and Genetic Enhancement. Christopher Gyngell and Thomas Douglas (Oxford): Selecting Against Disability: The Liberal Eugenic Challenge and the Argument from Cognitive Diversity. Jonathan Anomaly (Arizona) and Christopher Gyngell and Julian Savulescu (Oxford): Great Minds Think Different: Preserving Cognitive Diversity in an Age of Gene Editing. Parker Crutchfield (Western Michigan): Moral Enhancement Can Kill; and Compulsory Moral Bioenhancement Should be Covert. Douglas Walton (Windsor): The Slippery Slope Argument in the Ethical Debate on Genetic Engineering of Humans. Marcus Schultz-Bergin (Cleveland State): Is CRISPR an Ethical Game Changer? The dread and the awe: Crispr’s inventor assesses her creation (and more). Sean Illing interviews Michael Bess, author of Our Grandchildren Redesigned: Life in a Bioengineered Society.

Ex-CIA director: Russia will have recorded Trump’s meeting with Putin and will use it against him. Now we all know what Putin has on Trump. U.S. officials “at a fucking loss” over latest Russia sellout: The White House’s refusal to rule out turning over former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul to the Russians has current and former State Department officials seeing red (and more). Senators are slamming Trump’s Putin meeting, but they aren’t going to do anything about it. Why won’t Republicans finally demand Trump release his tax returns? Martin Longman on why the GOP really needs Mueller’s report. Trump’s crisis of legitimacy: The president understands the stakes of the Russia story more clearly than most of his followers.

Trump’s actions in Helsinki don’t have to be treasonous to be impeachable. Putin’s attack on the U.S. is our Pearl Harbor: Hacking the 2016 election was an act of war — it’s time we responded accordingly.