Mark Greenberg (UCLA) and Harry Litman (Rutgers): Trump’s Corrupt Use of the Pardon Power. Trump and the return of divine right: In deploying his pardon power freely and using the Bible to justify family separation, the president is exactly the sort of ruler that Enlightenment thinkers feared. Where did Donald Trump get two hundred million dollars to buy his money-losing Scottish golf club? You are paying for the Trump brothers to travel the world on Trump Organization business: Their secret service details are racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel costs. ProPublica finds $16.1 million in political and taxpayer spending at Trump properties (and more). David Cay Johnston on how to make Trump’s tax returns public.

Hanhee Lee (Sookmyung): Analyzing the Political Survival Prospects of Kim Jong-un’s North Korean Regime through the Framework of Selectorate Theory. Riin Sirkel (Vermont): Essence and Cause: Making Something Be What It Is. Montenegro more puzzled than affronted by Trump’s attention. When bilingualism isn’t obviously valuable, you have to decide what you think of the language. Meet the anti-natalists, people who believe reproduction is wrong. With fascist salutes, defenders of Spanish dictator Franco protest plan to dig up his remains (and more). Google's $5 billion fine: What you need to know. The false tale of Amazon’s industry-conquering juggernaut. Big mysterious sarcophagus opened, sucks.

Christopher Shea interviews historian Michael Kimmage on the wreckage of the Trump-Putin summit. The 13 scariest reactions to Trump’s disastrous Russia summit, ranked. “No way to run a superpower”: Susan Glasser on the Trump-Putin summit and the death of American foreign policy. Donald Trump and the crisis of elite impunity: The Russia scandal is about more than collusion — it’s also about the corruption of America’s elites. Does the mainstream media regret using all those emails allegedly stolen by Russians? Dan Nexon on Russian electoral intervention: Strategic genius or something else?

Putin tells diplomats he made Trump a new offer on Ukraine at their summit. Coming to terms with Trump’s new “agreements” with Russia’s Putin. Report: Trump was told of Putin’s role in election attack in Jan. 2017. The New York Times just revealed extremely sensitive intelligence — what might that mean? The worst security risk in U.S. history: No one knows what President Trump told Vladimir Putin in Helsinki — or why even his own national-security adviser was excluded from the room. A theory of Trump kompromat: Why the President is so nice to Putin, even when Putin might not want him to be. The double down from hell: Trump invites Putin to D.C. for second meeting (and more).

Michael Kazin on five reasons why the Left should care about Russiagate. Polls: GOP voters think Trump’s Putin summit went great. A new talking point from the pro-Trump fringe: A new line of punditry is bubbling up among the president’s followers online — it was a positive thing that the Russians hacked the 2016 election. Time to bury the illusion of a Republican revolt against Trump. House Republicans are trying to thwart Dem Russia probe. If this is not treason, then what is it? Trump is being manipulated by Putin — what should we do? Too bad we can do nothing about the excesses of this president.