James Parisot (Temple): The Two Hundred and Fifty Year Transition: How the American Empire Became Capitalist. Sean Starrs (CUHK): The Rise of Emerging Markets Signifies the End of the Beginning of the American Century: Henry Luce and the Emergence of Global Capitalism. Paul Krugman on the fall of the American empire. Liberalism and empire: Nathan Robinson on a history lesson for Paul Krugman. Is America choosing decline? The numbers are complicated — but actively undermining the postwar order isn’t helping. Why we’re underestimating American collapse: Umair Haque on the strange new pathologies of the world’s first rich failed state. What do you call a world that can’t learn from itself: Why don’t Americans understand how poor their lives are?

Daniel Drezner reviews Tailspin: The People and Forces Behind America’s Fifty-Year Fall — and Those Fighting to Reverse It by Steven Brill (and more). How the baby boomers — not millennials — screwed America: Sean Illing interviews Bruce Gibney, author of A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America. Stop blaming Boomers: It’s the Greatest Generation that ruined America. Rich Cohen on why Generation X might be our last, best hope.

Jesse Kelly: “America is over, but I won’t see it go without an epic fight”. Jonathan Kirshner on surviving the emerging dark age: Towards a new counterculture. The reinvention of America: Americans don’t realize how fast the country is moving toward becoming a better version of itself.

Separated parents were “totally unaware” they had waived their right to be reunified with their children. Moral blindness and immigration in America: Siobhan Kattago on the Trump administration’s inhumane approach to immigration. Separation is never ending: Why 40 researchers say attachment is a basic right and separation a clear wrong. Trump is committing an act of state terror against migrant families. The Trump administration kidnapped children — someone should go to jail. Detaining immigrant kids is now a billion-dollar industry. A march for the marchers: Despite their good intentions, marches do not help undocumented immigrants. Why are so many children coming to the U.S. from Central America in the first place? Beyond the separation of families: Alexandra Delano Alonso on a view from Mexico on the crisis of the migration system.

From Historical Materialism, a special issue on Identity Politics, including an introduction on Marxist Interventions into Contemporary Debates by Ashok Kumar, Dalia Gebrial, Adam Elliott-Cooper, and Shruti Iyer; and defining my own oppression: Chi Chi Shi on neoliberalism and the demands of victimhood (“In this article I explore a central paradox of contemporary identity politics: why do we look for recognition from the very institutions we reject as oppressive?”). Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff): Standpoint Theory Then and Now. Why don’t we always vote in our own self-interest? The backlash against the Civil Rights movement continues to confound us.

Marta Jorba (UPV) and Maria Rodo-de-Zarate (UOC): Beyond Mutual Constitution: The Property Framework for Intersectionality Studies. Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar Cambridge): Identity, Intersectionality and Welfare. Do we still need to talk about identity politics? Michael Mirer reviews How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor and Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump by Asad Haider. Is politics driven by pragmatic self-interest or by identities and ideals? The self-harming voter offers a clue. Sheri Berman on why identity politics benefits the Right more than the Left.

From Cultural Analytics, the introduction to the Identity Issue by Susan Brown and Laura Mandell. In defense of social justice: Critics of “social justice warrior” politics should try much harder to actually understand the people they dismiss (and more). How identity politics has divided the Left: Rashmee Kumar interviews Asad Haider, author of Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump. How women of color are changing the dynamics of identity politics. What if we cannot escape identity politics?

Shocked conservative learns Obama doesn’t hate white people. Multiculturalism and the World Cup: Why American liberals celebrating the French team’s “Africanness” are making common cause with Jean-Marie Le Pen. “Political incorrectness” is just “political correctness” for conservatives. You can download Cultivating Political and Public Identity: Why Plumage Matters by Rodney Barker.

S. Roache and Lawrence O. Gostin (Georgetown): The Untapped Power of Soda Taxes: Incentivizing Consumers, Generating Revenue, and Altering Corporate Behavior. Why Turkey is heading for economic meltdown under Erdogan. Tronc’s smash and grab: How the media conglomerate is gouging its own newspapers to pay off investors and executives. 2020 Democrats band together to call for Puerto Rico debt cancellation. Remember, Democrats: Progressive policies are popular. Jia Tolentino on Refinery29, Kylie Jenner, and the denial underlying millennial financial resentment. After asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy ends, what awaits Julian Assange? FBI would’ve been derelict not to use Steele dossier for the Carter Page FISA warrant.

Jared Bernstein on how “unfair trade” means different things to different people. It’s way too soon to declare Trump’s trade war over.

Neil Walker (Edinburgh): Populism and Constitutional Tension. Akritas Kaidatzis (AUTh): Populist Constitutionalism as a Critique on Liberal (or Legal) Constitutionalism. Brian Elliott (Portland State): Populism and Popular Sovereignty: Paradoxes of Democracy. Emiliana De Blasio and Michele Sorice (LUISS): Populism between Direct Democracy and the Technological Myth. Ming-Sung Kuo (Warwick): Against Instantaneous Democracy. Douglas Giles (Essex): No Matter How Popular, Reactionism is Not Populism. Post-truth or moral truth? Lone Sorensen on the populist claim to authenticity.

In Western Europe, populist parties tap anti-establishment frustration but have little appeal across ideological divide. An emerging populism is sweeping the Middle East. “They may pursue lose-lose outcomes simply so that others will suffer”: Philippe Legrain on overcoming the politics of pessimism. The opposite of populist nationalism is not globalist elitism; it is economic realism — and in the end, countries such as Britain, the United States, and now Italy will learn the hard way that reality always eventually wins.

Thomas Palley (UMass): Globalization Checkmated? Political and Geopolitical Contradictions Coming Home to Roost. The populism backlash: Luigi Guiso, Helios Herrera, Massimo Morelli, Tommaso Sonno on an economically driven backlash. Is capitalism a threat to democracy? The idea that authoritarianism attracts workers harmed by the free market, which emerged when the Nazis were in power, has been making a comeback. America’s version of capitalism is incompatible with democracy. The first chapter from Polanyi in Times of Populism: Vision and Contradiction in the History of Economic Ideas by Christopher Holmes.

Simon Winlow and Steve Hall on why the Left must change: Right-wing populism in context. Anton Kager reviews For a Left Populism by Chantal Mouffe (and more).

From Contemporary Political Theory, Jennifer Rubenstein (Virginia), Suzanne Dovi (Arizona), Erin R. Pineda (Smith), Deva Woodly (New School), Alexander S. Kirshner (Duke), Loubna El Amine (Northwestern), and Russell Muirhead (Dartmouth): Critical Exchange: Political and Ethical Action in the Age of Trump. “Civility” is what gave us Trump in the first place: To fight injustice, you need incivility. Militancy and its discontents: Dan Royles on what the civility conversation gets wrong about activism. The case for hopefulness in Trump’s America: Sarah Begley interviews Martha C. Nussbaum, author of The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis (and more).

The Trump era won’t last forever — but we must do our part to end it. How middle-aged women may save American democracy: Tom Jacobs interviews Theda Skocpol. How to participate in politics: From the Tea Party on the Right to the Trump resistance on the Left, citizen activism has helped change American politics in recent years.

Sverrir Steinsson (Iceland): The Implications of Trump’s Presidency for Small States. The diplomat who quit the Trump administration: For John Feeley, the Ambassador to Panama, moral failings at home seemed to compound tactical failings abroad. A commander-in-chief who cares only about himself: The president’s latest defense of his cozy relationship with Russia underscores his warped view of war. Danielle Allen on how Trump’s foreign policy is perfectly coherent. World leaders turning Trump tricks against him. America’s global reputation will take “years to repair” from the Trump era, experts warn. A new world disorder: Jonah Goldberg on how we are entering a very dangerous chapter in world history.