From TPM, Josh Marshall on the curiously weak right to vote and on how the battle for the right to vote has never been won; and Gregory Downs on how today’s voter suppression tactics have a 150 year history: Rebels in the post-Civil War South perfected the art of excluding voters, but it was yankees in the North who developed the script. Voter purges are on the rise in states with a history of racial discrimination: The increase coincides with a Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act (and more and more). If Kavanaugh is confirmed, you can kiss the right to vote goodbye.

What’s good for democracy is also good for Democrats: America is at its best when it turns the disenfranchised into the enfranchised. Voter registration won’t save the Democrats: Progressives need to target the large pool of citizens who are registered but don’t bother to vote. A group of “patriotic millionaires” thinks Democrats can run — and win — on taxes. Swing voters are extremely real: There aren’t that many of them, but they matter a lot. A changing U.S. electorate will sweep away Trumpism: Sam Fulwood interviews Bill Frey, author of Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America.

The messy reality of Donald Trump’s poll numbers: He’s playing a strong hand, poorly. Trump’s reelection slogan, “Keep America Great”, belies how much trouble he’s in. All that’s left is the vote: The midterm elections are the last obstacle to Trump’s consolidation of power — and the greatest obstacle to voting is the feeling that it doesn’t matter.

From Science for the People, a special issue on geoengineering (and more) Joshua B. Horton Stefan Schafer, and David Keith (Harvard), Jesse Reynolds (Utrecht), Holly Jean Buck (UCLA), Daniel Edward Callies (Frankfurt), and Steve Rayner (Oxford): Solar Geoengineering and Democracy. David A. Dana (Northwestern): Geoengineering and the Question of Weakened Resolve. Can we make sure geoengineering doesn’t backfire? Adrian Currie (Cambridge): Geoengineering Tensions. The king of climate fiction makes the Left’s case for geoengineering: Kim Stanley Robinson argues that blanket opposition to intervening in the climate is wrongheaded.

Amy Adler (NYU): Why Art Does Not Need Copyright. Douglas M. Branson (Pittsburgh): Reforming the Gaming Industry. From Congressional Research Service, a report on how flying cars and drones pose policy challenges for managing and regulating low-altitude airspace. J. Gregory Sidak on making the Postal Service great again. I am taking a vacation — and so should you. “He comes down for the day, and whatever he saw on Fox and Friends, he schedules meetings based on that”. Michael Hannon on his book What’s the Point of Knowledge? David Streitfeld on Amazon’s curious case of the $2,630.52 used paperback. Want to change society’s views? Here’s how many people you’ll need on your side.

Flynn, Comey, and Mueller: Murray Waas on what Trump knew and when he knew it. “Don McGahn hates Rudy with intensity of 1,000 burning suns”: Is Trump ready to cook Giuliani? The trials of Paul Manafort, explained. What is election “meddling” and when did everyone start using that term?

Sophus A. Reinert and Robert Fredona (Harvard): Merchants and the Origins of Capitalism. Jonathan Levy (Chicago): Capital as Process and the History of Capitalism. Does capitalism destroy cooperation? Capitalism is collectivist: The market doesn’t care about individuals. Priceless moments: Maria Askew on how capitalism eats our time. Jason W. Moore (SUNY Binghamton): World Accumulation and Planetary Life, or, Why Capitalism will not Survive Until the “Last Tree is Cut”. Alain Badiou on capitalism, the sole culprit of the destructive exploitation of nature. Zack Walsh (CST): Navigating the Great Transition via Postcapitalism and Contemplative Social Sciences. Lara Monticelli on embodying alternatives to capitalism in the 21st century.

What is QAnon? The craziest theory of the Trump era, explained. The QAnon conspiracy has stumbled into real life, and it’s not going to end well. Like the fringe conspiracy theory Qanon? There’s plenty of merch for sale on Amazon. Nicole Hemmer on how the Right became addicted to conspiracies. Nancy LeTourneau on the biggest threat to our democracy: The swamp of crazy. Louise Matsakis on the “guerrilla Wikipedia editors who combat conspiracy theories. This grifter is taking gullible conservative conspiracy theorists for a ride: Lewis Arthur’s claims of child sex trafficking are unsubstantiated, exploitative, and ignore the real crisis at the border. Here is what the leaked Wikileaks messages can tell us about Assange’s conspiracy theories.