Chris Brown (LSE): Political Thought, International Relations Theory and International Political Theory: An Interpretation. Felix Berenskoetter (SOAS): Deep Theorizing in International Relations. Christian Barry (ANU): International Political Theory and the Real World. Fleur E. Johns (UNSW): Critical International Legal Theory. Benjamin Martill (UCL): International Ideologies: Paradigms of Ideological Analysis and World Politics. Anna Cornelia Beyer (Hull): Why We Need to Establish International Political Psychology. Joseph MacKay (ANU) and Christopher David LaRoche (Toronto): Why Is There No Reactionary International Theory?

Marion Godman (Copenhagen): Gender as a Historical Kind: A Tale of Two Genders? Claudia Geist and Kari Dockendorff (Utah): Gendering Gender: Introducing Gender Image as a Way to Assess Variation in Gender Expression in Survey Research. Daniel Wodak (Virginia Tech) and Robin Dembroff (Yale): He/She/They/Ze. John Tehranian (Southwestern): Copyright’s Male Gaze: Authorship and Inequality in a Panoptic World. Dora Suarez on social construction theory and the transgender turn. Bonnie Hong on the Trump Doctrine and the gender politics of power. Gender as colonial object: Lucas Ballestin on the spread of Western gender categories through European colonization. You can download Mainstreaming Politics: Gendering Practices and Feminist Theory, ed. Carol Bacchi and Joan Eveline (2010).

David G. Lewis (Exeter): Eurasian Spaces in a New World Order: Grossraum Thinking in Russian Foreign Policy. Michael David-Fox (Georgetown): Intellectuals and Communism. Richard Arnold (Muskingum) and Andreas Umland (IEAC): The Radical Right in Post-Soviet Russia. Russia’s alternate Internet: Russia says it’s creating its own Internet infrastructure for security reasons — but it has some experts worried. An interview with Mary Buckley, author of The Politics of Unfree Labour in Russia: Human Trafficking and Labour Migration. David Frum reviews The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America by Timothy Snyder (and more and more).

Martin Muller (Lausanne): Goodbye Postsocialism. Artem Patalakh (Milan): On the Possible Foreign Policy of the Post-Putin Russia: The Case of Alexei Navalny’s Viewpoints on Foreign Affairs. Kare Johan Mjor (Uppsala): Smuta: Cyclical Visions of History in Contemporary Russian Thought and the Question of Hegemony. Kingdom come: Leon Aron on millenarianism’s deadly allure, from Lenin to ISIS. How revolutions work: Thomas Casadei interviews Michael Walzer on the noble aims and ignoble results of revolution — and in particular the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Simeon Djankov (LSE) and Elena Nikolova (UCL): Communism as the Unhappy Coming. Tim Hutchings (Durham) and Katya Linden (Stockholm): Tourists at Chernobyl: Existential Meaning and Digital Media. Michael Weiss on what Russia understands about Trump. The introduction to A Sacred Space is Never Empty: A History of Soviet Atheism by Victoria Smolkin.

From Essays in Philosophy, a special issue on Latin American Feminist Philosophy. Brian L. Frye (Kentucky): “It’s Your Right”: A Legal History of the Bacardi Cocktail. Manafort’s lawyer: My client is innocent because guilty people don’t leave this much evidence behind. Job growth has never lasted this long before — neither has weak wage growth. Workers' Party names imprisoned Lula as presidential candidate. The NRA plays the victim, claims it’s nearly broke. Now that the UK is stockpiling food, maybe it’s time to admit Brexit is a mistake? Sam Knight on the British heat wave and aerial archeology. Vincent Geloso on Douglass North, shipping productivity and institutions.

Michele Goodwin (UC-Irvine) and Erwin Chemerinsky (UC-Berkeley): Pregnancy, Poverty and the State. Young women are convinced motherhood is going to suck — and they’re right. Conservatives have no solution for the increasingly bleak economics of raising kids. We have a child-care crisis in this country — we had the solution 78 years ago. A new deal for day care: Can America change the way it takes care of kids? Every parent deserves a nanny state: There needs to be a public commitment to easing the burdens of parenthood. A radical idea to improve family life in America: Babysit your neighbor’s kids. Raya A. Jones (Cardiff): Concerning the Apperception of Robot-Assisted Childcare.

Daniel Nagel (ASE) and Sorin Burnete (ULBS): Free Trade in Theory and Policy: Contemporary Challenges. Thomas J. Schoenbaum (Washington) and Daniel C. K. Chow (Ohio State): The Perils of Economic Nationalism and a Proposed Pathway to Trade Harmony. Trump threatened punishing tariffs — so far, Canada has shrugged them off. China hits back with tariffs on $60B in U.S. goods. The US is at risk of losing a trade war with China. Trade deficit swelling under trade warrior Trump. Under Trump’s watch, the U.S. is on track for the highest trade deficit in 10 years. Trump promises to stay the course on tariffs.

Trump makes bizarre claim that tariffs will help pay down the massive U.S. debt. Trump says tariffs are working “big time” — here are 5 pieces of evidence that’s not the case. Why protectionism soaks American consumers twice. As trade war drags on, the cry spreads: “Where’s our bailout?” Concern about Trump’s trade war has “spiked tremendously” among America’s largest companies. Will business leaders sit back as Trump trashes the global economic order? Trade wars are not good for the US military advantage: What will the long-term costs of the Trump administration’s trade war be on the U.S. military’s technological superiority?

Trump’s life has been one failure after another — his presidency will be no different. Trump at a precarious moment in his presidency: Privately brooding and publicly roaring. The day Donald Trump told us there was attempted collusion with Russia. Does Trump even understand what he did wrong? It’s true: Trump is lying more, and he’s doing it on purpose. There’s a virus in Trumpland. Denialism: Keith Kahn-Harris on what drives people to reject the truth. How to counter Donald Trump’s war on the media. The U.S. anti-smoking campaign is a great model for fighting disinformation. Are Republicans covering for Trump, or for themselves? If the N.R.A. was compromised by Russia, the whole party’s in trouble. Nancy LeTourneau on the call to investigate Republicans for colluding with Trump to obstruct justice.