Ingmar Persson (Gothenburg): The Fundamental Problem of Philosophy: Its Point. What do we do when we do philosophy? Down with the philosophy factory: Marx said the point of philosophy is to change the world — the neoliberal university thinks the point is to sell books. David V. Johnson on philosophy in the public interest. A growing number of philosophers are conducting experiments to test their arguments — is this the future for philosophy? Crooks, elitists, and the progress of philosophy: Daniel Rhodes interviews Julian Baggini.

Why is philosophy important? Kieran Setiya on why philosophers should be keener to talk about the meaning of life. Even in old age, philosopher Bryan Magee remains wonder-struck by the ultimate questions. Is philosophy absurd? Only when you’re doing it right. Philosophy is dead: Jonathan Ree considers the verdict from a “bad boy” of the discipline.

Richard T. Karcher (Eastern Michigan): Big-Time College Athletes’ Status as Employees. Whites oppose — and blacks support — paying NCAA athletes, especially when they’re thinking about race. A fair wage for elite athletes: How about $750,000? How to pay college athletes without ruining NCAA sports. Adam Epstein (Central Michigan): The NCAA and Whistleblowers: 30-40 Years of Wrongdoing and College Sport and Possible Solutions. Kelly A. Childs (Seton Hall): If the Slipper Fits: The Relationship Between a Cinderella Appearance in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament and Institutional Financial and Admissions Factors. Urban Meyer and the new era of college football: Winning isn’t everything. Marc Tracy on how college sports killed summer vacation. Here are the hottest college sports — and the ones in decline.

Paul Katsafanas (BU): Fanaticism and Sacred Values. Andrew D. Bradt (UC-Berkeley) and Zachary D. Clopton (Cornell): MDL v. Trump: The Puzzle of Public Law in Multidistrict Litigation. Is compassion fatigue inevitable in an age of 24-hour news? Pentagon really doesn’t like Trump’s ridiculous “space force” idea. Trump’s wildlife protection council is mostly trophy hunters and donors, lawsuit says. Forget Best Popular Film — here are 6 new categories the Oscars actually need. America’s IR schools are broken: There’s a lot of innovation on the surface, but the rot runs deep — here’s how to fix it. Trump’s “perjury trap”: Confessing to obstruction of justice or lying about it. Finally, Devin Nunes admits what his charade is all about.

Ingraham another super-patriot who doesn’t actually like, much less love, America. Laura Ingraham’s anti-immigrant rant was so racist it was endorsed by ex-KKK leader David Duke (and more). Racism is a problem of white elites, and Kris Kobach proves it. “Looks like Kris Kobach’s grim predictions of election fraud in Kansas are coming to pass, courtesy of Kris Kobach”.

Marko Kovic (ZIPAR): Political, Moral, and Security Challenges of Space Colonization. What happens when an astro-biologist, a theologian, a political theorist and a philosopher discuss the ethics of human–alien encounters? Jamie Green on the strangely human messages we send to aliens. Are we alone? The question is worthy of serious scientific study. Our attitude toward aliens proves we still think we’re special. A.M. Gittlitz on the secret history of Marxist alien hunters. Peter Brannen on the strange, cosmic reason our evolutionary path will look ever luckier the longer we survive. New model predicts that we’re probably the only advanced civilization in the observable universe (and more). How will future civilizations survive the accelerating expansion of the universe?

Aaron Gullickson (Oregon): The Diverging Beliefs and Practices of the Religiously Affiliated and Unaffiliated in the United States. David Mislin on how anti-war protests 50 years ago helped mold the modern Christian Right. America’s Christian nationalists have a new plan for advancing their legislative goals in state capitols across the country. Why being a Republican makes you more religious, and not just the other way around: Melissa Deckman reviews From Politics to the Pews: How Partisanship and the Political Environment Shape Religious Identity by Michele F. Margolis.

Judgment days: In a small Alabama town, an evangelical congregation reckons with God, President Trump and the meaning of morality. How do you convince white evangelicals to support an amoral con man? This is why white evangelicals still support Donald Trump (it’s not economic anxiety). Nancy D. Wadsworth on the racial demons that help explain evangelical support for Trump. It’s becoming clearer than ever what the Republican Party’s deal with the devil entails. The 81 percent: John Wilson reviews Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump by John Fea.

Sam Washington: “I’m no longer comfortable with the label of ‘evangelical’ because I have become slack-jawed with disgust at friends who will defend Trump harder that they defend the gospel”. What’s next for evangelicalism? Just as Trump has accelerated an identity crisis in his party, he has intensified growing divisions among evangelical Americans. No wonder there’s an exodus from religion.

Trump, faith, seriously? Charles Pierce reviews The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography by David Brody and Scott Lamb. An evangelical Christian university is helping make a film that implies God chose Trump. One has to wonder what kind of god it is that would chose a man like this president and what his purpose would be in doing so.