Mario Coccia (CNR): What Is Science and Scientific Research? Why Do Nations Produce Scientific Research?; and The Laws of the Evolution of Research Fields. Gopal Sarma (Emory): Should We Train Scientific Generalists? (and more and more) We should teach all students, in every discipline, to think like scientists. Is science hitting a wall? Economists show increased research efforts are yielding decreasing returns (and part 2). The scientific paper is obsolete — here’s what’s next. Twitter for scientists: An idea whose time has finally come? Wes Henricksen (Barry): Scientific Knowledge Fraud. 400,000 scientists all over the world have been published in fake journals.

From TNR, the sexism of “genius”: Stephen Hawking was one of many male scientists described as geniuses, a term rarely bestowed on their female peers; and how science’s sex problem is getting harder to ignore. Julia Belluz on 4 big takeaways from a huge new report on sexual harassment in science: Science needs to have its #MeToo moment.

Jens David Ohlin (Cornell): Did Russian Cyber-Interference in the 2016 Election Violate International Law? New evidence contradicts theory that Easter Island society collapsed. Trump is mad that Turkey’s economic crisis has made their currency weaker, so now he’s making it even weaker. Why the Space Force is just like Trump University (and more). Brian Kemp, enemy of democracy: An expert on voter suppression, he will help keep Georgia red. Racism is a problem of white elites, and Kris Kobach proves it. Edward Said, 40 years later: The academy evolved, but has anyone else? Did Kabila just bring democracy to Congo? Why the FBI firing Peter Strzok, a frequent Trump target, matters (and more).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not your manic pixie dream girl. Thread: “Just a quick reminder that in-person debates are a terrible way to test the merits of ideas”. Thread: “No question that could really be decisively settled in 90 minutes of argument between four smart people would actually be WORTH debating, because the question would already be settled”.

Daniel Drezner on Dinesh D’Souza’s cramped quarters in the Ideas Industry. David Frum on Dinesh D’Souza and the decline of conservatism (and more). Your everyday Republican has some galling views. QAnon is about much more than Trump — it reveals the deep pathologies of the Republican Party. GOPus delendus est: The modern Republican Party no longer serves any legitimate purpose — it needs to be crushed and the earth salted behind it. The Republican Party is dead: Gregg LaGambina interviews Dan Pfeiffer. The conservative movement is a few Supreme Court decisions away from having unlimited power, and one sees no Cincinnatus among them. Are you still sure there’s no need to worry? The rule of law in the United States is in dismal shape. Democracy is what we make of it: Institutions won’t save us — we have to save them.