Agency, order and sport in the age of Trump: Andrew McGregor on Jim Thorpe, Jack Johnson, and the sporting middle ground (and more). Eric Allen Been interviews Gerald Germs on how athletes visiting the White House became a political flashpoint. Why Donald Trump likes Mike: For Trump, Michael Jordan represents the ideal black athlete — apolitical. LeBron James, the most important athlete in America, explained: Dylan Scott on how the world’s best basketball player became a political force for racial justice. LeBron James and the NBA teach us a lot about labor in America. Championship inequality in major league sports looks a lot like income inequality in the U.S. economy. Nancy LeTourneau on a non-sports fan’s take on politics and sports.

Katharina Block and Toni Schmader (UBC) and Alyssa Croft (Arizona): Worth Less? Why Men (and Women) Devalue Care-Oriented Careers. The Left’s hatred of Jordan Peterson is perfectly rational. What happens to #MeToo when a feminist is the accused? Avital Ronell, a superstar professor, was found by N.Y.U. to have sexually harassed a male grad student — but his charges have met disbelief from some feminist scholars (and more and more). With little fanfare, Trump and McConnell reshape the nation’s circuit courts. After shocking Catholic abuse report, the law can do little — for now. She works for Trump, he can’t stand him: This is life with Kellyanne and George Conway. Can cryptocurrency revolutionize the rituals of money?

Democrats are making Congress look more like America — Republicans are fighting this. Midwest Democrats’ answer to Trump: White, conventional and boring. This is what the average American looks like in 2018.

Martin Obschonka (QUT), Michael Stuetzer (DHBW), Peter J. Rentfrow (Cambridge), Neil Lee (LSE), Samuel D. Gosling (Texas), and Eva Schmitt-Rodermund (Jena): Fear, Populism, and the Geopolitical Landscape: The “Sleeper Effect” of Neurotic Personality Traits on Regional Voting Behavior in the 2016 Brexit and Trump Votes. Marc Hooghe (Leuven) and Ruth Dassonneville (Montreal): Explaining the Trump Vote: The Effect of Racist Resentment and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments. Lindsey Huang and Barak Orbach (Arizona): Con Men and Their Enablers: The Anatomy of Confidence Games. Scott Walker won’t defend Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson against Trump. The new GOP litmus test: Defending Trump at his absolute worst. Charles Crabtree (Michigan), Holger Kern (FSU), and David A. Siegel (Duke): Cults of Personality, Preference Falsification, and the Dictator’s Dilemma. Trump and his media boosters live in a hall of mirrors. America’s “post-truth” problem: Sean Illing interviews Simon Blackburn, author of On Truth.

From TPM, Josh Marshall on the archeology of Trumpism and the dystopian hellhole of Trumpism. Brian Farkas on Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels: An arbitration case study. Glenn Kessler’s database of presidential untruths will become a reference, a talisman. Can the Toddler-in-Chief be handled? America doesn’t need another tape to know who Trump is. In 1987, Trump visited Russia to explore a hotel deal — is that when he became compromised by Russian security services? Trump’s punishment of Brennan is actually all about the Mueller probe. What does Trump’s willingness to snuggle up to Putin say about the self-avowed pussy-grabber? Steven Botticelli on queer Donald Trump and the paradoxes of power.