Martin Ravallion (Georgetown): Inequality and Globalization: A Review Essay. George Sayers Bain (QUB): Inequality and Instability. Jonathan J. B. Mijs (LSE): Inequality Is a Problem of Inference: How People Solve the Social Puzzle of Unequal Outcomes. Why society might be more stable if we had more poverty and less inequality: Sean Illing interviews Keith Payne, author of The Broken Ladder: How Inequality Affects the Way We Think, Live, and Die. Actually, the 1 percent are still the problem. No, personal responsibility won’t solve inequality: New study dispels common myths behind racial wealth gap. A look at income inequality around the world: It’s a choice, not a destiny.

Orestes Hastings (Colorado State): Less Equal, Less Trusting? Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Effects of Income Inequality on Trust in U.S. States, 1973–2012. Nate Breznau (MZES) and Carola Hommerich (Hokkaido): The Limits of Inequality: Public Support for Social Policy across Rich Democracies. America today has a lot in common with the Gilded Age, that bygone era of monopolies and gross inequality — but will the country respond similarly? Extreme poverty is decreasing, while extreme inequality is on the rise — two trends with far-reaching consequences all over the globe. Huub Brouwer reviews Why Does Inequality Matter? by T.M. Scanlon.

Gareth Dale (Brunel): “The Tide is Rising, Don’t Rock the Boat”: Economic Growth and the Legitimation of Inequality. Lucy A. Jewel (Tennessee): The Biology of Inequality. What the world can learn about equality from the Nordic model. The enemy between us: Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson on how inequality erodes our mental health. Inequality is economic, inequality is racial, inequality is a metric that can capture all sorts of injustice. The shopping list for the 1%: In an age of astonishing wealth, nothing reveals the lives of the ultra-rich like the FT’s unashamedly ostentatious luxury magazine. Why income inequality in the US is way worse than in Europe.

Timothy MacNeill (UOIT) and David Wozniak (Eastern Michigan): Altruistic Behavior and Ethnic Diversity: Evidence from Honduras. Gabriel Mendlow (Michigan): Why Is It Wrong To Punish Thought? US says conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative. What happened between 2010 and 2015 that suddenly caused the white working class to abandon the Democratic Party in large numbers? The populist revolt against trade liberalization is over — Trump killed it. What on earth is going on at NYU? Katha Pollitt on power in the ivory tower. Andrea Long Chu: “I worked with Avital Ronell. I believe her accuser”. Cynthia Nixon was asked a question that is straight up dangerous to democracy. “Critics warn of multimedia ‘hell’”.

“Totally dishonest”: Trump asserts only he can be trusted over opponents and “fake news”. Trump’s assault on Google: The Right is pressuring tech to be more MAGA-friendly. Please be sensitive to our snowflake president’s need for safe space. Felix Salmon on why Donald Trump Jr. dream of Facebook for conservatives would fail. Alexis Madrigal on why Google doesn’t rank right-wing outlets highly. Here’s the conversation we really need to have about bias at Google.

Who’s afraid of a white minority? The battle over how to project the future population of the United States has profound political implications. Emails link ex-DHS policy analyst to white nationalists. Ben Shapiro proudly declares conservatism nearly kook-free. U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question. Trump’s stripping of passports from some Texas Latinos, explained. This vile, unadulterated racism. There’s no fig leaf left to cover Trump’s racism — and yes, it can happen here if we allow it. This is fascism, pure and simple: The Trump administration is now denying passports to American citizens — this sounds terrifying familiar.

Anne Gearan and Sarah Ellison on how Trump relies on his cable news cabinet as much as the real one. “As is so often the case, the accusation that was made falsely against Democrats turns out to be true of Trump”: Trump is a snob who secretly despises his own supporters. Trump, angered by growing legal troubles, finds ways to make them even worse. Trump is too impulsive and delusional to stop incriminating himself. Donald Trump is setting up a lame-duck crisis: Trump has concluded that he can only escape justice with brazen abuses of power, and is laying groundwork to take those steps as soon as he can get away with them. Josh Marshall on tough, dark times ahead. Brian Klaas on how to vaccinate U.S. democracy against Trump-style authoritarianism.