Krisztian Szabados (Corvinus): Morphological Freedom as a Basic Human Right: Three Arguments. Eduardo R. Cruz (OUC-SC): Creativity, Human and Transhuman. Zoltan Boldizsar Simon (Bielefeld): The Story of Humanity and the Challenge of Posthumanity. Andrey Korotayev (HSE): The 21st Century Singularity and its Big History Implications: A Re-Analysis. Sjoukje van der Meulen (Utrecht) and Max Bruinsma (HSLU): Man as “Aggregate of Data”: What Computers Shouldn’t Do. No death and an enhanced life: Is the future transhuman? The case for genetically engineering ethical humans: Some argue it’s the only way to save the species.

Julia D. Mahoney and Gil Siegal (Virginia): Beyond Nature? Genomic Modification and the Future of Humanity. Milan M. Cirkovic (AOB): Post-postbiological Evolution? The case of transhumanism: Milos Agatonovic on the possibility of application of Nietzsche’s ethics and critique of morality today. Moving to a posthuman technosphere: Steven Umbrello reviews Tecnosfera: Proiezioni per un Future Postumano by Roberto Marchesini.

Luc Bovens (UNC): Secular Hopes in the Face of Death. Donna Strickland had no Wikipedia page before her Nobel — her male collaborator did. In a move so overwhelmingly bigoted it’s actually mind-boggling, the Trump administration has begun denying visas to same-sex domestic partners of foreign diplomats and U.N. employees. Why Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15. Trump’s family separation policy was flawed from the start, watchdog review says. President Trump creates crises, then claims credit for solving them. From Forbes, how Trump is trying — and failing — to get rich off his presidency. Trump engaged in suspect tax schemes as he reaped riches from his father (and more). Proportion Conservation Notice: “If the only chance of survival would mean doing something the donors wouldn’t like, better to go out feeling smug about coal country”.

Benjamin Wittes: “I know Brett Kavanaugh, but I wouldn’t confirm him”. Brett Kavanaugh’s lies are part of the Republican ecosystem. How Kavanaugh’s partisan and gender biases weaken American democracy. Sarah Horowitz on why bad behavior gets a pass at elite institutions. Republicans don’t care about Dr. Ford’s feelings or well-being. “I’m in so much pain”: How the Kavanaugh hearings are re-traumatizing survivors. Revisiting Anita Hill: Clarkisha Kent on racism, stereotypes and respectability politics. Why conservatives don’t care that Brett Kavanaugh is a liar. Republicans don’t care if Kavanaugh is guilty because they don’t think what he did was wrong.

Republicans have a strategy to save Kavanaugh — it exposes Trumpism at its worst. Along with everything else, Brett Kavanaugh is an obnoxious jock. Why Donald Trump thinks “it’s a scary time” for some Americans. Bless their hearts, conservative white men are feeling traumatized. How “hostile sexism” came to shape our politics. Thread: “The GOP effort to slam through the Kavanaugh nomination is a flashpoint because it reveals the essence of today’s GOP”. What Brett Kavanaugh is getting away with. How the Kavanaugh information war mirrors real warzones.