Jose Maria Cabrera (Montevideo) and Dinand Webbink (Erasmus): Do Higher Salaries Yield Better Teachers and Better Student Outcomes? Johanna S. Quinn and Myra Marx Ferree (Wisconsin): Schools as Workplaces: Intersectional Regimes of Inequality. There is no teacher shortage: The problem isn’t that there are too few teachers, it’s that states are unwilling to pay the market rate. “An expensive experiment”: Gates teacher-effectiveness program shows no gains for students. The Gates Foundation’s big-data experiment wasn’t just a failure — it did real harm. It’s getting harder to be a teacher in America.

Daphna Renan (Harvard): Presidential Norms and Article II. China is secretly hacking computer motherboards — the economic fallout is huge. A paper that would never have gotten past peer review criticizes the academy — film at 11. Cultural studies hoax mostly being brushed off as tiresome bs. Why the “grievance studies” hoax was not unethical — but it’s not very interesting, either. Tell me it’s going to be OK: Miya Tokumitsu on self-care and social retreat under neoliberalism. Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Caroline Tervo, and Theda Skocpol on how the Koch brothers built the most powerful rightwing group you've never heard of. “So reasonable chance Greens play decisive role in keeping Mitch McConnell in charge of Supreme Court nominations for next two years”.

As Trump faces fraud allegations, his allies craft creative defenses. Republicans defend and cover up Trump’s tax fraud. Trump and the aristocracy of fraud: Government of tax cheats, by tax cheats, for tax cheats. The Times’ Trump expose is a compelling case for class war.

Trump says men don’t feel safe from false persecution; that’s not a new feeling — for black men. “People” aren’t divided on Kavanaugh’s confirmation — white people are. The Kavanaugh debate is dividing Never Trump conservatives. Brett Kavanaugh proves the Never Trump movement was a sham all along. Republicans have decided to ignore all of Kavanaugh’s lies. Here are all the ways the effort to clear Kavanaugh was a farce. What Trump and McConnell have in common: Shamelessness. With whitewash complete, every Republican will now line up behind Kavanaugh. This is not the last Kavanaugh report: The Republicans didn’t pursue the truth about the allegations against the nominee — the Democrats will.