Kyle Whyte (Michigan State): Settler Colonialism, Ecology and Environmental Injustice; and What do Indigenous Knowledges do for Indigenous Peoples? Jennifer Hendry (Leeds) and Melissa L. Tatum (Arizona): Justice for Native Nations: Insights from Legal Pluralism. James Angus Fraser (Lancaster): Amazonian Struggles for Recognition. “Guardians of the forest”: Indigenous peoples come together to assert role in climate stability. Allegories of America: Robbie Richardson on American “Indians” and the British imperial imaginary. We will not abandon you: Melanie Yazzie on urban indigenous youth and the struggle for decolonization. #NotInvisible: Why are Native American women vanishing?

Joseph William Singer (Harvard): Indian Nations and the Constitution. Judith M. Stinson (Washington and Lee): When Tribal Disenrollment Becomes Cruel and Unusual. Carlos Cruz Mosquera on Jose Carlos Mariategui: Welding Marxism and Indigenism in Latin America today. Indigenous peoples are vital to curtailing the climate crisis. The Tribes vs. Donald Trump: Abe Streep reports on a historic case that will reverberate for generations. “America First” should start with the plight of the country’s abandoned Native population. Amazon tribe never seen by outsiders is spotted by drone. To protect lone survivor of decimated Amazon tribe, group releases footage proving he’s still alive.

Victoria F. Phillips (American): Beyond Trademark: The Washington Redskins Case and the Search for Dignity. How mapmakers help indigenous people defend their lands: With help from cartographers, native peoples’ hand-drawn maps of their own territory become a tool against exploitation. An advanced digital map is being used to save forests — and indigenous land — in Paraguay. Could Australia soon recognise sovereigns other than the Queen? It’s the last ex-British colony to not ratify a treaty with its First Nations people, but that may be changing. The US government should cede territory back to Native Americans.

America as Indian country: Peter Schjeldahl in the omnipresence of Native Americans in popular culture. Here are the places that have scrapped Columbus Day and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead.

Aravind Ganesh (Max Planck): Unilateral Jurisdiction to Provide Global Public Goods: A Republican Account. Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who was captured by ISIS, just won the Nobel Peace Prize; Denis Mukwege, a Congolese surgeon who treats victims of rape, also won the honor. “I want to be the last girl in the world with a story like mine”. Don’t let the battle over Kavanaugh overshadow the Nobel Peace Prize’s recognition of sexual violence. The jocks will inherit the earth: What we learned from the Kavanaugh ordeal. Why westerners fear robots and the Japanese do not. Here’s what allows conspiracy theories to take root on the Right. “This is delusional”: Tom Stevenson on the Khashoggi affair. Tyler Cowen on why William Nordhaus and Paul Romer won the Nobel Prize in economics.

The facts are clear and consistent: Brett Kavanaugh is who Christine Blasey Ford said he is. No one could be further from Atticus Finch: Defenders of Brett Kavanaugh liken themselves to the hero of To Kill a Mockingbird — that’s appalling. Presumption of innocence is for privileged men like Brett Kavanaugh, not Laquan McDonald or the Central Park Five. Standards: Different people think about responsibility in different ways. Tom Nicholas: “Why I’m leaving the Republican Party: The Kavanaugh confirmation fight revealed the GOP to be the party of situational ethics and moral relativism in the name of winning at all costs”.

The Supreme Court’s legitimacy crisis is here. The Supreme Court’s legitimacy crisis: It’s not about Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior — it’s about justices who do not represent the will of the majority. Brett Kavanaugh confirmation won’t affect Supreme Court’s legitimacy. Kavanaugh’s confirmation shreds the pretense of an apolitical Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation will delegitimize the Supreme Court — and that’s good. Kavanaugh’s confirmation means Democrats won’t trust the Supreme Court — that’s dangerous for democracy. The cult of the higher judiciary had its limits long before the Left failed to block Kavanaugh — now the only progressive move is to reclaim democracy (and more).

Murc’s Law is a harsh mistress: This whole thing is a mean parody of bad “only the Democrat Party has agency” takes, right? Bipartisanship is dead — time for Democrats to embrace their inner McConnell. House Democrats are not finished with Brett Kavanaugh. If the rule of law means anything, Kavanaugh must be impeached. Impeaching Brett Kavanaugh is a liberal fantasy — give it up. How liberals could declare war on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court. Here’s why the protests against Kavanaugh (and the Trump administration) won’t go away. Women must stop playing by the rules after Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The Supreme Court nomination that tore the country apart: The ascendance of Brett Kavanaugh levied considerable damage to all three branches of government. The Senate has lost its way: Here’s how it’s supposed to handle Supreme Court nominations. The Kavanaugh nomination fight was ugly and unruly — Mitch McConnell is taking a bow. Here are 8 takeaways from the knock-down, drag-out fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The ugliness of this episode, with its brute assertion of Ivy League male privilege, will leave a mark. Post-Kavanaugh Stress Disorder: Ending our political suffering will be a bigger project than winning the next election.

Republicans don’t care what you think: Republicans lost the argument, but they ultimately had the votes. The Trumpification of the Supreme Court: Kavanugh’s appointment is thus an extension of Trump’s contempt for U.S. governing institutions as anything other than instruments of raw partisan power. The guardrails have failed: The conflict over Trump’s Supreme Court nominee exposed the fast-eroding institutional barriers to the president’s authoritarian instincts.

How Kavanaugh will change the Supreme Court. Constitutional rot reaches the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is one more step in America’s cycle of self-destruction. “Rock bottom”: Supreme Court fight reveals a country on the brink. Brett Kavanaugh is the point of no return.