Allison Christians (McGill): Introduction to Tax Policy Theory. Ivan Ozai (McGill): Tax Competition and the Ethics of Burden Sharing. Wolfgang Schoen (Max Planck): Taxation and Democracy. Richard M. Bird (Toronto): Are Global Taxes Feasible? Across the globe, taxes on corporations plummet. Edward J. McCaffery (USC): The Death of the Income Tax (or, the Rise of America’s Universal Wage Tax). Henry Ordower (SLU): Taxing Others in the Age of Trump: Foreigners (and the Politically Weak) as Tax Subject. Post-redistribution liberalism: Changing the tax structure, even radically, won’t really change much — we need to look to pre-tax inequities to transform society.

Rosalind Dixon (UNSW): Constitutional Rights as Bribes. “Profoundly dismayed”: Amnesty International has stripped Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi of top honour. German Lopez on the Florida voter fraud allegations, explained. What’s happening in Florida is a nightmare — 2020 could be so much worse. In 26 recounts in major races around the nation since 2000, only 3 outcomes changed. Five new books touch on American Jewish identity and what will sustain it into the future. Martha S. Jones on when black women journalists fight back. In North Korea, missile bases suggest a great deception. Why doctors hate their computers: Digitization promises to make medical care easier and more efficient — but are screens coming between doctors and patients?

Exit polls: How voting blocs have shifted from the ’80s to now. The Resistance strikes back: Two years of progressive organizing built the blue wave. The media’s eagerness to discount the “blue wave” feeds a dangerous problem. Black women turned electoral power into political power in 2018. What big state-level wins mean for the Democrats’ agenda. Democratic wins in these 9 states will have seismic policy consequences. Why Medicare-for-all is looking better and better after the midterms. The 2018 midterms did not vindicate your policy preferences. It’s not about centrism vs. progressivism. Let the people vote: America finally has a pro-democracy movement — and it did very well at the polls last week. Jedediah Purdy on the Democrats’ existential battle: Achieving real democracy.