Emily Stewart on 2018’s record-setting voter turnout, in one chart. Black voters propelled blue wave, study finds. Big Latino turnout in midterms raises stakes for 2020. The United States is becoming a two-tiered country with separate and unequal voting laws. Low voter turnout is no accident, according to a ranking of the ease of voting in all 50 states. Voters just approved the biggest expansion of the voting franchise in half a century. Scott Mclemee reviews Votes That Count and Voters Who Don’t: How Journalists Sideline Electoral Participation by Sharon E. Jarvis and Soo-Hye Han and The Turnout Gap: Race, Ethnicity, and Political Inequality in a Diversifying America by Bernard L. Fraga.

Zoe Cullen (Harvard) and Ricardo Perez-Truglia (UCLA): The Salary Taboo: Privacy Norms and the Diffusion of Information. John Huss (Akron): Paleontology: Outrunning Time. It’s been one year since Zimbabwe toppled Mugabe — why isn’t it a democracy yet? Here are the most outrageous incentives cities offered Amazon in their HQ2 bids. Facebook fallout ruptures Democrats’ longtime alliance with Silicon Valley. Facebook is at war and Mark Zuckerberg is its general. “Nothing on this page is real”: How lies become truth in online America. The world is about to redefine the kilogram: It involves complex science and beautifully simple philosophy. Lab-grown meat and the fight over what it can be called, explained.

Leyla Hunn (Warwick): Does One Need Evidence for Belief in God? Todd May reviews Why We Need Religion by Stephen T. Asma. Stephen T. Asma on what religion gives us (that science can’t). War between science and religion is far from inevitable. Do atheists think too much like believers? George Scialabba reviews Seven Types of Atheism by John Gray. Are the “non-religious” becoming the new religion? From Aeon, is religion a universal in human culture or an academic invention? From openDemocracy, what should we teach our children about religion? The first chapter from City of the Good: Nature, Religion, and the Ancient Search for What is Right by Michael Mayerfeld Bell.

Megan Rogers and Mary Ellen Konieczny (Notre Dame): Does Religion Always Help the Poor? Variations in Religion and Social Class in the West and Societies in the Global South. A study finds Christianity in Western Europe is as much about identity as belief.