Lawrence Torcello (RIT): The Acceleration of Global Warming as Crime Against Humanity: A Moral Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment. Climate change and the savage human future: Homo sapiens was the first species to alter the environment that sustained us — to the point that it might not sustain us anymore. “Like a terror movie”: How climate change will cause more simultaneous disasters. The Earth is in a death spiral — it will take radical action to save us. Study warns of cascading health risks from the changing climate. Five big ways the United States will need to adapt to climate change. Science alone won’t save the Earth — people have to do that. Human behavior might be the hardest part of climate change to predict.

Daniel W. Drezner on the rhetoric of reaction to climate change: Futility and the Fourth Climate Change Report. The depravity of climate-change denial: Risking civilization for profit, ideology and ego. The best thing you can do to stop climate change is to vote against Republicans.

Manvir Singh (Harvard): Magic, Explanations, and Evil: On the Origins and Design of Witches and Sorcerers. Why are so many election ballots confusing? The polls were fine if not perfect in 2018. The stylish socialist who is trying to save YouTube from alt-Right domination. Ukrainian leader says Putin wants his whole country, asks for NATO help. What does Michael Cohen’s plea deal mean for Trump? Three remarkable things about Michael Cohen’s plea. Is there a better way for cities to lure in businesses? Bolsonaro’s election is catastrophic news for Brazil’s indigenous tribes. You can download Thinking Time Geography: Concepts, Methods and Applications by Kajsa Ellegard.

Who will fix Facebook? In its effort to clamp down on fake news, Russian trolls and Nazis, the social media giant has also started banning innocent people, proving again it can’t be trusted to regulate itself. Sorry Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook isn’t a “positive force”. Do you have a moral duty to leave Facebook? Tech giants offer empty apologies because users can’t quit.

In race for global power, U.S. and China push nations to pick a side. Why is America so scared of China? There are real concerns but not enough to justify current worries. China’s military power could match the United States by 2050. Kori Schake reviews Twilight of the Titans: Great Power Decline and Retrenchment by Paul K. MacDonald and Joseph M. Parent. Dean Baker on U.S. foreign aid and Chinese foreign aid — for those who care about numbers. There is no grand bargain with China: Why Trump and Xi can’t meet each other halfway. The US and China relationship is in shambles — it could get worse at G20. Trump could seek a China trade truce at G-20, despite tough talk. Trade deal or not, the long-range prospects for US-China relations are growing more troubling.