Siyuan Yu (Skidmore): An Examination of the Attitudes towards Immigration across U.S. Demographic Groups. Joni Hersch (Vanderbilt): Colorism Against Legal Immigrants to the United States. Pramila Jayapal on a new moral imagination on immigration. Responding to an extremely common question about immigration: Doesn’t a country have the right to enforce its laws and decide who comes in? From Cato Unbound, does the constitution give the federal government power over immigration? America didn’t always lock up immigrants: Our current detention policies have very specific historical roots. So how is the immigration debate going?

The prosecution of naturalized United States citizens is a sign of a gathering storm: Is denaturalization the next front in the Trump Administration’s war on immigration? Trump is officially turning back asylum seekers who come to the US through Mexico. Trump is outsourcing the migrant crisis to Mexico. “It’s functioning exactly as intended”: Our border policy is designed to be deadly.

Calvert W. Jones (Maryland) and Celia Paris (Toronto): It’s the End of the World and They Know It: How Dystopian Fiction Shapes Political Attitudes. Daniel Drezner on the limits of the executive branch. Here is why people are terrified of a “no-deal” Brexit. David A. Graham on James Mattis’s final protest against the president (and more). The growth of Sinclair’s conservative media empire: The company has achieved formidable reach by focussing on small markets where its TV stations can have a big influence. Sarah Mesle interviews American Studies Association president Rod Ferguson on what might emerge — politically, subjectively, spiritually — from intellectual engagement with American Studies in the crises of our present time.

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary will not be a repeat of 2016 (and more). Mikhaila Fogel and Benjamin Wittes on Bill Barr’s very strange memo on obstruction of justice. Congress is enraged at Facebook: “These guys are out of control” (and more). Is Facebook a psychopath? If corporations are people, they need to abide by the standards of decent, civilized behavior. The Facebook scandal isn’t really about social media — it’s about capitalism. The U.S. suicide rate is at its highest in a half-century. One year after Trump’s tax cuts, the only obvious winners are investors. “Election night” is an outdated and dangerous relic of the past. Trump and Congress just legalized hemp. So, is Trump’s America great yet?